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Solar Panel

Things to Consider When Buying A Solar Panel

Whether you’re buying a solar panel for your home or business, you have a million and one reasons to walk that path. From cutting down on your power bills to protecting the environment, purchasing a solar panel is not only a great decision but also a responsible one.

However, you have a responsibility to handle the process thoughtfully if you are to purchase a solar system that meets your requirements. 

Below are some of the factors to consider before buying a solar panel.

Energy Output

It’s not about how big a solar panel is but how much energy it produces. And not all solar panels of the same size generate the same amount of energy. Whatever the case, the solar panel you choose to buy should produce a reasonable power level relative to its size. Most manufacturers provide as much information as possible about the amount of energy a given solar panel generates. Get this information from different manufacturers and use it to decide on which solar panel to buy.

Solar Panel and Manufacturer Certifications

Before buying a solar panel, you must establish whether the manufacturer has the requisite certifications. In addition to the manufacturer certification, confirm that the solar panel you intend to buy also has a certification. The information will help you to establish the nature of testing that the solar panel has undergone and whether it meets all government standards. 

Type of Panel vs Location

Before settling on a solar panel, think of whether your choice panel is ideal for the area where you live. If you’re in an area that experiences cyclones, you must confirm that the mounting brackets you use are cyclone certified. Also, ensure that your selected solar panel is wind certified. The seller should provide all the documentation relating to the certifications for you to verify. All these steps are to help you buy the right panel for not only your energy needs but also for your environment.

Inverter Performance and Efficiency

An efficient and properly functioning inverter is essential if your solar panel is to generate maximum power. When your inverter receives DC power, it converts it to AC for your home use. Your inverter will lose some power if it’s not operating correctly or if it’s not efficient. Some solar panel suppliers in Sydney provide efficient inverters that cut down power loss to the minimum. It’s, therefore, crucial that you get as much information as possible about the performance and efficiency of an inverter before putting your money on it.

Manufacturer Warranty

Nowadays almost every product comes with a warranty. A warranty shows the confidence of the manufacturer on their product. With this in mind, look for a solar power system that has a warranty that runs for a prolonged period. If you realise that the solar panel you want to buy only has a short term warranty, its performance, efficiency, and durability are likely questionable.

User and Technical Reviews

Every manufacturer wants to sell, meaning their reviews must always favour their products. The good thing is that there are professional and user reviews online. Even though most professional reviews are technical, even the ordinary user can understand them. User reviews also come in handy. They’ll help you get a broader understanding of the product, customer support, efficiency and more. That isn’t to say that you ignore the manufacturer review and list of specifications. Remember that when things go wrong, it’s the manufacturer’s information that you’ll rely on to launch complaints.

A solar system, whether for your home or commercial use, is a long term investment that requires thorough research before making any commitments. If you rush the process and end up with a system that’s below average, you may not recover your money. Therefore, take your time and make a purchase decision based on facts and not mere advertisements or aesthetics. The company that’s responsible for the solar system installation must also be reputable in the field.

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