/Things You May Not Know About Cosmetic Dentistry
Things You May Not Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

Things You May Not Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved significantly since its inception thousands of years ago. In the past, procedures such as teeth whitening were a symbol of wealth. Nowadays, people make their teeth whiter to improve their appearance.

The following are some of the exciting facts about cosmetic dentistry that you probably do not know.

It is an Ancient Practice

Records show that cosmetic dentistry began as early as 700 BC in Northern Italy. Back then, dentures were made using animal and human teeth.

Its Importance Transcends Looks

While the primary objective of cosmetic dental procedures is improving looks, it also serves other useful purposes. Besides fixing your smile, dentists can improve your oral health significantly. Poor dental hygiene is known to increases the chances of contracting diseases such as diabetes, strokes, heart disease, and renal complications. Some experts also claim that chronic gum disease and tooth decay can lead to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

It Improves Self-confidence

When you have white teeth and a great smile, you are likely to have more self-confidence. People who get embarrassed by the condition of their teeth usually suffer from low self-esteem. By undergoing cosmetic dental treatment, such individuals can be more confident in themselves.

There are Multiple Options

Cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of procedures to correct dental flaws. You can get anything ranging from tooth fillings, replacements, and whitening. That said, teeth whitening is the most popular dental corrective procedure.

It Reduces Tooth Sensitivity

One of the most painful dental complications is having sensitive teeth. Some patients usually struggle to find a remedy to alleviate the pain. The best solution to sensitivity is covering off the affected area.

Cosmetic dentistry helps in reducing sensitivity by using veneers to protect the exposed enamel, which is the cause of the pain. Veneers are made of porcelain and also make your teeth whiter.

It Prevents Future Dental Issues

A missing tooth can lead to more severe complications other than denting your smile. For example, the gap in your jaw can affect your chewing habits, which in turn affects the way your mouth sits in a resting position.

Nowadays, pulling a bad tooth is not the ultimate solution to your problems. You can avert the effects of missing teeth by undergoing cosmetic procedures such as implants.

It is Popular among Celebrities

Despite their fame, some celebs had insecurities that compelled them to undergo cosmetic dental surgeries. Some of the big names who have had their teeth corrected include Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Ben Affleck, and Demi Moore, and so on.

Most Patients are Female

According to research, more than two-thirds of cosmetic dentistry patients are females aged between 41 and 60. Generally, women are expected to have a perfect smile, which explains why most people undergoing surgery are female.

It is Minimally Invasive

Most cosmetic dentistry procedures do not involve big incisions. For example, you can transform the appearance of your teeth by using veneers to cover off the enamel. Also, processes such as teeth whitening do not need any invasion. The importance of minimal invasiveness is that it ensures a quick recovery.

It is Pain-Free

Some people fear going to the dentist because they believe that cosmetic procedures are painful. The reality is that doctors sedate you such that the entire process is painless.


It is worth noting that cosmetic dentistry is gaining popularity than ever before. As technology advances, dentists are introducing newer and more effective methods that help patients in correcting their dental flaws. If you want to improve your smile, and avoid future dental complications, consider getting a cosmetic dental appointment today