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Exhibition Display

Tips for an Effective Exhibition Display

Having a unique and well-designed exhibition display boosts your brand image. The challenge, however, is that you have to compete with other businesses for the attention of potential customers.

You have to employ effective strategies to stand out from other competing businesses. The best way to do this is by creating a compelling first impression. If your exhibition display doesn’t captivate potential customers, you will probably lose them to competitors, even if you offer the superior product. 

Read on to discover how to create impactful exhibition displays that will earn your business more clients.

Set Goals

The first step of any marketing campaign is setting the goals.  In this case, you think about what you want to attain, as well as the message your exhibition stand will convey.

A display ad with a great design is useless if it doesn’t get the message across to the intended audience. This underpins the importance of sticking to your goals when designing the exhibition stands.

Less is more

When you think text on an exhibition display, less is more. Be concise. Don’t use long sentences where short phrases or even single words can be equally as useful. The aim is to encourage the people to read, and nobody has time to read large chunks of text. If possible, use a slogan that people will associate your brand with. This is much better than listing all of your products and services.

Use Powerful Visuals

Another effective method of giving your exhibition displays the wow-factor is by using graphics in place of text. One image can convey a message that would take paragraphs of text to communicate. This means that people are likelier to focus on images over text, as they require a shorter attention span.

The image should be placed strategically – in a way that is visible from afar, and an obstacle does not cover them.

Target a Specific Audience

When designing an exhibition stand, it is crucial to consider your target audience. Knowing the needs of your potential customers allows you to create a powerful message that has a higher potential of generating new leads. Generic words, on the other hand, are highly unlikely to attract any clients, or even worse, draw unwanted ones.

Social media

We live in the age of internet, where all we see and do is dominated by social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. This is further compounded by the rising popularity of social media marketing. You can capitalize on this trend by including your social media handles on your exhibition display. If you are promoting a new product, you can even create a hashtag. This way, a passer-by who doesn’t have the time to read the ad can check on your business later using the social media links included on the banner. The most critical aspect of exhibition display advertising is planning. With a proper plan, you will come up with a compelling design, get the time right, and eventually attract the attention of the customers that you are so much after

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