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Tips for Pairing Wine with Food

A lot of people believe when matching wine with the food effectively, they have to learn lots of complicated processes that are required to select the right bottle.

For the best results, one has to understand both the food and the wine that you wish to serve. The first step involves looking at the fundamental components of both the food and the wine you choose. In this piece, we look at tips for pairing wine with food.

1. Go for Something that you Enjoy Eating and Drinking

The logic behind this is, by going for something you enjoy, you minimize the chances of not liking the pairing. In case the match up does not go as planned, you will have something that your taste buds will be left to enjoy. Do not choose food that you dislike and pair it with wine thinking it will be instantly transformed. For example, if you do not like tripe, not even the fairest wine in the world will turn it into a magical dish.

2. Try and Balance the Richness

For the best results, it is recommended that one gets to balance the richness in both the wine and the food. After all, what you are trying to achieve is a perfect pairing. For that reason, do not go for a wine that will overwhelm the food or vice versa. So, how do you match their richness? For the wine, look at the colour and alcohol content. For the food, fat content should help you in determining how rich it is.

3. Pair the Wine With What Stands Out in the Meal

Here you need to identify the critical item in your meal. Most of the times, the sauce and probably the method used to cook will contribute to this, and at times, more than the chief ingredient

4. Go for Flavour Links

Pairing can be a lot of fun, especially when discovering the links in the flavours. Wines usually come with some sweet aromas that often remind us of certain foods. To get the best out of that aroma, go for foods that compliment that wine.

5. Consider the Age of the Wine

A wine that has aged for several years is different from the younger type of wine, more so, in terms of flavours and overall texture. If you want meals to pair with the old rich wine, try and go low on the food’s richness, this will allow the wine’s taste and flavour to be absorbed effectively and stand out in your pallet. Remember you don’t want one item to overshadow the other.

6. Acids Match With Acids

In case the meal you are making is made up of ingredients that have strong acids, it is always wise to get similar acidic wine. This will balance it out, and you will be left with a fantastic taste in your mouth.

7. How to Pair Wine With Spices?

This pairing is one of the trickiest because some healthy spices can clash with the wine, as some wine flavours get overwhelmed entirely.

To remedy this, if you intend to have spicy meals, then go for wines made using the Germanic method. They are known to match up to most Asian meals that are known for their spices.


Pairing wine with food can be a tricky affair for a large part. There is no right or wrong way to do it. However, with the above tips, we believe that you have a better chance of getting a delectable meal. Try them out and share with us the results.

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