/Tips for Keeping Your Tools Organised in Your Ute

Tips for Keeping Your Tools Organised in Your Ute

Being a tradesman you know just how important your tools are to you. Literally, if something happens to your tools, work stops. No work, no money. No money, your family doesn’t eat (you get the picture).

Some people don’t think tools are that important. Leave a tool where you last used it, garage floor, so what. These people aren’t you. Your tools make you money. You take care of your tools, you rely on them to work as long and as hard as you do. That’s why you can’t afford to leave them laying around to get lost, damaged or stolen.

Here are some tips to help you keep your tools organised and secure in your Ute.

How to keep your UTE tools organized

Keep Em Locked Up

First of all, and most important, keep your tools locked up at all times. Now, I know this is an obvious suggestion, but, there are some people who are either too trusting, in a hurry “I’ll be right back anyway … “, or so busy they simply forget to lock up their valuable tools even if they plan on coming right back.

I can understand, sometimes you just get so busy that you forget or you figure you will be right back and don’t really expect anyone to make off with one of your tools because, you wouldn’t do it to someone else, so why would you expect someone to do it to you?

Either way, you can’t afford to lose any of your tools. Either you don’t have the money right now to replace it, you can’t leave the job to replace it or quite honestly you shouldn’t have to replace it.

The fact of the matter is you don’t need the hassle of losing your tools, so keep them locked at all times. The lock on your Ute tray is more than enough to discourage someone from even trying to steal your tools.

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Keep Your Tools Out of Sight

In most cases, the theft of tools happens when a Ute is parked on the street in front of the person’s home at night. The easiest way to deter theft is to park your Ute in a garage and not leave it out in the open, especially at night.

If you aren’t able to park your Ute in a garage at night, at least get it off the street and park it in your driveway. It’s a fact, the closer your truck is to your home, the less likely it is to be broken into or vandalised.


Mark Your Tools and Equipment

One good theft deterrent is to mark all of your tools and equipment. Use a metal engraver to mark all of your tools with an easily proven marking. The easiest is to engrave your tools with a number that you can easily prove to the authorities as yours.

Maybe the last few numbers of your driver’s license number, maybe the name of your company or even the numbers in the address of your shop. Something that you can easily show the authorities that the tools belong to you.

This can also deter thieves from even bothering to steal the tools in the first place (which is what you’d prefer) because when a thief sees that the tools or equipment is marked with an identification number they won’t want to be caught with marked items and no one will want to buy items that are marked either.


Make Sure Your Tools Are Insured

The truth is, if someone wants something bad enough nothing can honestly stop them from stealing it. This is why it’s a very good idea to make sure all of your tools and equipment is insured.

If someone does wind up stealing your tools at least you will be able to get them replaced. Make sure, when you take out the insurance policy on your equipment, that you are careful to list the items with a good description, sales receipt and value.

It’s also an excellent idea to take pictures or video of all the tools and equipment you’re having insured so that you can have them replaced with the same make and style.

Unfortunately, if a thief wants your tools or equipment bad enough they will figure out a way to steal them. All you can do is to try your best to make it as difficult as possible for them to steel or sell.

There is no safeguard that is 100% sure to deter theft, all you can do is try your best to protect your tools and equipment.