/Top Four Reasons Why You Should Install a Gas Fireplace

Top Four Reasons Why You Should Install a Gas Fireplace

Fireplaces nowadays have caught on as aspects to have in your house. Anyone moving or building a new house almost always admires a nice good fireplace. Whether traditional or modern, family, friends and guests enjoy gathering around, warm up to and set a cozy atmosphere around a fire. More people are switching from wood fireplace to the more modern natural gas fireplace. The major cause being gas fireplaces are safer, easy to maintain, cheap, and they look amazing against your home decor. The plus side is, you’re making your small contribution to humanity by using natural gas to conserve climate change.

I. Safety first- Gas Fireplace is cleaner with few pollutants

A gas fireplace produces very few polluting emissions. There is no smoke; hence there is no use of a chimney. It uses its waste gas through a tube in the wall. With this you don’t have to worry about soot, ash and other debris as it burns cleaner. This is also very useful if you have children or pets in the house. You don’t have to worry about their safety as it is covered compared to wood hearths.

II. Easy Maintenance- cheap

A gas fireplace is very easy to maintain. Low-cost energy efficiency means less maintenance as you don’t have to scoop up ash or half-burnt logs, having to blacken your hands every other day. Thus, using natural gas is a bonus because it is a less expensive form of energy as compared to wood. A wooden fireplace would have to require frequent cleaning, to reduce pollutants and other fire hazards. Creosote, a consequence to burning wood, flows down the sides of an interior chimney and if there’s too much buildup, it causes a fire. This is nothing to worry about if you’re using gas.

III. Conserves Energy

A natural gas fireplace does not lose heat as fast as a wood-based fireplace. It provides both radiant and convection heat. Use of air movement channels maximize the warmth supplied to the house. You can also control the amount of heat the fire produces and improve combustion by opening or closing the glass doors.

IV. Enhances modern decor

There are various types of gas fireplaces that you can install to match your updated decor. Some good examples are single sided fireplaces that can be see-through. These are easeful and intimate to use across multiple rooms to connect spaces. Multi-sided fireplaces have become popular because they create stunning focal points that would look great when you’re entertaining.


To conclude, you find out that one does not need the hassle of lugging in logs to build a fire. Wide flames and clear glass that illuminates the gas fireplace that gives a brilliant cozy ambiance for your family in the house. One also need not worry about sparks flying into the room and setting fires to furniture, your carpet or those beautiful pillows on the sofa. There is also less carbon monoxide emissions or harmful particles in the smoke than you will find on a wood fireplace. Now whether you’re going for a modern, contemporary fireplace to a metallic, plaster or marble fireplace, certainly the gas fireplace is the way to go!

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