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Truck Driver Training School

Truck Driver Training School

Being a truck driver requires special training. The ordinary driver training received by most motorists is not enough. You need to learn the challenges that a truck poses and how to handle them while on the road. How then do you determine the best truck driver training school to attend? Here are some things you need to look for when choosing a suitable driving school to be a truck driver.

1. Fees

The cost of training varies between different schools depending on the license class you want. Some have a fixed charge while others charge on hourly terms with some schools including the assessment fee in the total cost of training. Having this information in mind will help you decide the best fees structure that suits you.

2. Number of Trainers

The trainer to student ratio is an important factor to consider when choosing a truck driver training school. An ideal situation is where one trainer is in charge of not more than four students; this will ensure that you get enough attention from the instructor. An instructor who is in charge of many students does not train students efficiently due to limited time.

3. Manual or Automatic?

Inquire if the trucks that you will use to train apply the automatic or manual configuration. Although manual transmission trucks are not common, there are companies that still have them. It is good to train on both so as not to limit your job prospects.

4. School Accreditation

When you finish training, your potential employer will first look at the school where you received training. Ensure that the school training you has state accreditation with the right licenses. When you train with a properly accredited driving school, your license will be recognized and accepted by many institutions and companies. If you are from an accredited school you will get a truck driver’s job without much struggle.

5. Job Placement Success Rate

Some driving schools have a job placement program where one is assured of a job after completion of training. However, it is important to establish how the placement program works and the companies involved in order to avoid unsatisfactory job placements. The school you intend to join should have a high percentage of placements in reputable truck companies that will provide the student with the necessary experience. 

6. Reputation

No matter how much a school advertises about their excellent training, if there is no track record to back it, be cautious. A reputable school with years of proven track record is better than one that has only been operational for a short time despite having the facilities. For more information on training schools, you can enquire from truck drivers and alumni of a particular school.

7. Visit the School in Person

Do not entirely rely on the information on the school website or people.  If you want comprehensive information, visit the school and perform a thorough assessment. See if the school has what you are looking for.

Truck drivers are not ordinary drivers; they need sufficient training in truck handling. It is therefore important to receive training from a reputable school that will enable you to secure a job after training and improve your skills. Do your research well before you enrol in a truck driving school. If you want the best training you must go to the best school.