/Do Ute Trays Make The Car More Valuable?
Do Ute Trays Make The Car More Valuable

Do Ute Trays Make The Car More Valuable?

How do you rate the value of your car? There are certain drivers who would prefer to buy a Toyota instead of a BMW. Why? Because even though their showroom price is the same, the Toyota has a higher resale value. The Toyota is also cheaper to maintain since it has affordable spares that are easy to source, unlike the BMW.

This discussion, however, largely applies to luxury cars, which utes are not. Some utes can be quite stylish and classy, and newer ones even have high-end specs like automatic steering and plush, heated, leather seats. But the average ute is more utilitarian, just like its name.

‘Ute’ is actually short for ‘utility vehicle’, and utes were initially designed for physical work. Think of it like a donkey on wheels, or a more luxurious version of a tractor. They often have four-wheel drive and the capacity to carry heavy loads.

While all cars are obviously transportation vehicles, utes are more cargo-oriented. They are popular in farming communities, wholesale businesses, hardware businesses, and similar enterprises. Utes are also preferred by people who live in rustic areas where the main mode of travel is off-road driving.

If you run that kind of a business, your ute is one of your most valuable possessions. It may not cost as much as anything else you own, but it is the key component of your livelihood. It does the basic car chores, like taking kids to school or ferrying everyone for a family outing.

But in addition to social responsibilities, your ute enables your business. It takes your produce to market, and that includes vegetables and livestock. It brings supplies back to your home. It carries construction products to and from the site. It delivers heavy products like furniture, water tanks, or even cement to your customers.

Utes are therefore an essential part of life in the industrial, agricultural, and retail space. When you buy a ute, it comes kitted with a passenger cab and chassis. You can then install a ute tray to sit on the chassis and serve as storage space.

There are many different kinds of ute trays, and installing one can up the value of your car in two ways. One, it gives you the ability to transport all kinds of goods, products, and equipment. It also allows you to purchase and transport bulk supplies over long distances, which directly increases your ability to earn money.

Two, if you ever want to sell you ute, the tray will make it a more valuable purchase, which can raise its selling price. It’s important to select the right kind of tray. Most trays are either stainless steel, aluminium, or alloy. Some are a combination of these materials.

Each material has its own set of benefits. Aluminium has a lighter load while steel is heavier and more sturdy. The choice of material you choose will depend on your own tastes and preferences. The main consideration is size. You want maximum storage space without overwhelming your car chassis. You also want a tray that will actually fit.

When you buy a tray from a reliable ute accessory seller, they will guide you on the best fit for your vehicle. Some trays can be adjusted to fit different ute sizes, and those have an advantage because you can re-use them on a different ute if you need to.

You might also want to go for a ute tray that has some extra bells and whistles. Some ute trays come with inbuilt drawers, tool boxes, and lockable compartments that not only add your storage capacity, they also improve security.

You could find out whether the trays on offer have attached winches, ladder racks, or tyre slots since these will all make life a little easier. So, overall, adding a tray to your ute does add its financial value, but it also adds value to your lifestyle by saving you time and money, so consider installing one today.