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WABCO Air System

WABCO Air System Protectors (ASPs)

Commercial vehicles in Australia need to be resilient enough to withstand the country’s harsh conditions. The tough climatic conditions and long distances between large cities and ports can be challenging for both your truck and driver. As such, you should equip your vehicles with the best aftermarket parts for trucks available. A well-maintained truck has better chances of completing long trips without incidences.

The primary safety feature of your truck is its braking system. Heavy commercial trucks use air brakes while hydraulic brakes are more common in the smaller passenger vehicles. For your air brakes to survive the tough outback conditions, they need high-quality components. WABCO is the leading supplier of Air System Protectors for air brakes all over the world. If you would like to know how WABCO Air System Protectors work read on.

WABCO Overview

The name WABCO was the abbreviation of the Westinghouse Air Brakes Company founded by George Westinghouse in 1869. Westinghouse was a famous innovator who invented the railway air brake in 1868. Although he established WABCO in Pittsburgh, he moved it to Wilmerding, Pennsylvania in 1890. This was where the company built its general offices and air brake manufacturing facility.

Between 1999 and 2007, WABCO split its road and rail operations to establish two independent companies. The first company, Wabtec, merged with locomotive manufacturer MotivePower in 1999 and took over the Wilmerding facility.  The other company, known as WABCO Holdings, Inc, moved its headquarters to Bern Switzerland. WABCO Holdings continued the manufacture of components such as air brakes for commercial vehicles. In 2019, ZF Friedrichshafen announced its purchase of WABCO.

How WABCO Air System Protector Works

The WABCO Air System Protector or ASP is a type of air filter that prevents moisture, aerosols and oil particles from getting into air brake systems. These certain 16contaminants can compromise the efficiency of your air brake system in many ways.

The moisture and aerosol contamination affect the compression characteristics of your air brakes. This reduces the amount of force available for air brakes to stop your truck efficiently.

Also, oil particles can shorten the lifespan of your air brakes system by damaging their valves. This can lead to costly roadside failures and unplanned downtime.

WABCO developed its coalescing technology and found smart ways to integrate it with the existing air dryer cartridges. The coalescing filter layers are the primary features that set WABCO ASP apart from their competitors. Below are the main features of WABCO’s leading ASP solutions.

Features of the WABCO ASP

  • Elimination of moisture, aerosol and oil droplets
  • Combines coalescent filter layer at the bottom of the cartridge with conventional desiccant material
  • Eliminates 99.95% of all airflow contaminants
  • Positive results since launch in 2001
  • Recommended lifespan of 2 years
  • Maintains optimal performance throughout its recommended lifespan

Features of the WABCO ASP Plus

  • 20% more volume for desiccant in the cartridge
  • Contains two types of desiccant for better drying performance
  • Double-filter technology installed before and after the desiccant for better elimination of oil particles
  • 3 years recommended lifespan is 50% longer than all other ASP models

WABCO is a world-famous brand known for the production of high-quality original equipment and aftermarket parts for European trucks. Today, the company has about 16,000 people in 40 countries across the world. From its headquarters in Bern, Switzerland, WABCO also manages 28 manufacturing facilities in 4 different continents. WABCO’s widespread influence in the industry earned the company total revenue of $3.8 Billion in 2018.

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