/The Weber Spirit BBQ Series
The Weber Spirit BBQ Series

The Weber Spirit BBQ Series

Weber has once again done it again, remaining kings of the BBQ scene with yet another fantastic range under their belts in the Spirit series. Unlike the round kettle pots that you’ve come to know and love from Weber, the Spirit series sees a nod to traditional barbeque design in a rectangular grate and grill setup that is a larger barbeque with a gas setup.

If you currently have one of the smaller Weber Baby Q or similar designs and are looking for your first beefier barbeque, then the Weber Spirit series is a really clever place to start. The models start at a cost that is not much more expensive than your smaller and more compact Weber designs but offer more cooking and preparation space in the traditional cooking bench – grill – bench setup.

Weber has been a consistently performing brand name when it comes to barbeques across Australia for many, many years now. Their brand is recognised globally as a leader in barbeques, especially in the more affordable options market. Popular with singles, share houses, couples, and young families, the name is synonymous with a quality product that anyone can afford. This indeed carries across to the Spirit series. You can find the starting option in the Weber series from under $850, a great price for the brand and quality.

The range varies. The beginner model of the series, the E-210 features two stainless steel burners with a 28-megajoule primary burner rating, the Crossover ignition system, porcelain grills, hotplate and hood, the trademarked Flavorizer bars, a thermometer, as well as storage area underneath the grill with a stainless steel shelf and tool holders. Each barbeque comes standard with the Weber Spirit cookbook and a ten year limited warranty.

The daddy of the series, the E-330 premium differs in that it has three stainless steel burners, a 33.8 megajoule combined primary burner rating, with a 7.8-megajoule sear station and 10.6-megajoule side burner. This bigger and more powerful model is brilliant for those who want to take their barbequing that one step further.

Weber Spirit BBQ Series

These Weber Spirit barbeques are ideal for people who like to entertain or are entertaining the idea of entertaining! They are perfect for lazy summer sundowners with friends or the weekly family Sunday barbie. While they aren’t as portable as the smaller Webers like the Baby Q series, this is when you can get a secondary barbeque for taking away on camping trips or picnics.

All in all, the Spirit range is an excellent “second step up barbeque” after you’ve had a smaller or cheaper barbeque, to begin with. They are affordable, reliable, and have a small physical footprint, saving you space within your yard so you can fit more other things… like your outdoor setting!

If you are looking for a new barbeque that’s a little bigger, then you might like to check out the Genesis series by Weber, as they provide a bigger and more powerful range of barbeques. Of course, there is always the traditional Weber kettle series, if you’d like to get your hands on the rounded icon, or the smaller Weber Q range, a highly popular range that is great for those that don’t barbeque very often.

No matter which Weber series you decide to go with, you’ll know that you’ve made the right choice by trusting a respected brand. Combined with their excellent warranties and customer service, it is no wonder that Weber is such as big name in Aussie backyards around the country. Check out all the Weber ranges and accessories to find the perfect barbeque for your household – you’re sure to find the one that fits!

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