/What Makes a Great Pizza in Melbourne?
What Makes a Great Pizza in Melbourne?

What Makes a Great Pizza in Melbourne?

In recent years, pizza has evolved from being just “party food” to being an “any-day-of-the-week” food. In Melbourne, we have seen pizzerias mushrooming left, right and center with pizza becoming a go-to meal choice for people, no matter the occasion. Pizza toppings and flavours are more diverse now than they have ever been. This means that there is something for everyone — from those who enjoy a good old plain Margherita pizza to those who prefer the punch that is found in gourmet flavours. However, this also means that we cannot base this discussion on what toppings people prefer, seeing as each opinion would be centered on personal preference. Instead, we need to focus on more objective factors that cut across the board of all pizza types and flavours.

So, what makes a great pizza in Melbourne?

Fresh Ingredients

One cannot overstate the importance of making use of fresh ingredients when trying to make a great pizza. This holds true for the base, as well as the toppings used. Many customers are now rightfully concerned about where the state of the ingredients that are used in making the pizzas that they purchase. It is with this in mind that pizzerias that want an edge over their competition prepare fresh bases every day. Toppings should also be brought in fresh from the source and stored well to retain maximum freshness. This goes a long way in preparing the savoury pizzas that we all love.

Great Sauce

Great sauce will go a long way in making a great pizza. It adds a zing to the pizza and without it, pizza can be perceived as flavourless. However, even sauces come in different flavours, ranging from extra tart to sweet. While everyone has their own taste when it comes to the strength or mildness of the sauce, it is generally agreed upon that sauces can make or break your pizza. A good-quality and great-tasting sauce is therefore paramount when making great pizza.


There are three main things to consider when discussing pizza toppings: the freshness, the uniqueness, and the quantity. We must belabour the importance of freshness of the toppings as it is extremely important in making great pizza. Many pizzerias actually offer the option of building your own pizza. This means that you can get as imaginative as you want when deciding the types of toppings you want on your pizza. From the different kinds of meat, seafood, as well as vegan options, one can really go crazy with their pizza toppings. 

However, the rule of thumb when it comes to great pizza is “less is more”. This fundamental rule has formed the backbone of pizza-making among many pizza chefs in Melbourne. The quantity of toppings is also important as more toppings mean a richer, fuller taste, which is what you really want to go for when making great pizza.

It is important to note that great pizza need not be expensive. Even more important is the consistency of the pizzeria. In Melbourne, pizza lovers want pizza that is fresh, affordable, with the guarantee that they will get the same great tasting pizza every time they come back for another box. These are the key ingredients of great pizza in Melbourne.