/What Makes a Perfect Banner Stand for an Outdoor Event
What Makes a Perfect Banner Stand for an Outdoor Event

What Makes a Perfect Banner Stand for an Outdoor Event

One of the best ways to advertise your business during an event is by using an exhibition display. If done professionally using eye-catching design, your business will attract many people, thus presenting you with an opportunity to sell your products and services. For an indoor event, it’s easier to design, print, and set up a banner. 

However, for an outdoor event, things are a little different. The biggest challenge is the wind. Many a time we see banners falling to the ground when the wind blows, with some getting damaged completely. 

If you want to overcome the challenge, there are several things you’ll need to consider when shopping for a banner stand. The first challenge to address is the issue of the wind and then others associated with outdoor events.

Below are some of the characteristics of a perfect banner stand for an outdoor event.

A Stable Base

The most significant difference between most banner stands is their bases. The bases come in different designs. Although these bases serve the same purpose, they come in different sizes, weights, colours, styles, and materials. The design of the bottom area determines how well the banner will withstand wind. You’ll find some with an extendable foot for improved stability. Others use heavy materials to achieve the same goal. When you use a good base alongside properly designed promotional flags or prints, you end up with a banner that serves correctly in all areas under different weather conditions.

Reasonable Banner Size

You may want to stand out during an event, but overdoing things may only work negatively towards your brand. For an outdoor event, choose an exhibition display that’s neither too big nor too small. As you select an outdoor banner, consider the available space and get a print of a reasonable size. 

Support Rod

Most of the standalone banners come with a removable support rod that holds the design straight up when it’s stretched out. One end of the rod goes into a hole at the bottom of the banner. The other side links to the top end. Most rods can be detached and separated into smaller pieces for portability. When choosing a banner stand, the quality and the strength of the material matters a lot. A strong one will hold the banner straight up, allowing the public to view the design properly. 

Changeable Design

Most people use the same banner stand but only change the design. When choosing a banner stand, therefore, consider one that has removable cassettes, allowing you to change the graphic design without much ado. With these removable cassettes, you can order different banners for different events without having to buy multiple banner stands.

Ability to Hold a Spot Light

In some cases, you may consider displaying your banner in an event where the lighting isn’t adequate. In such a case, a banner spotlight would come in handy. Fixing the light may, however, be a challenge if the banner stand isn’t strong enough to hold a reasonably sized spotlight. A sturdy banner stand should keep the design straight up with great ease. Whenever you’re choosing a banner stand, you must have a clear picture of the events in which you’d like to use it and how much space you’ll have for your exhibition displays. Knowing the details will make it possible for you to print a banner that’ll serve you very well in both indoor and outdoor events