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What to Expect From a Full Detailing Service

No one wants to drive a dirty and old-looking car. However, maintaining a brand-new-car-look isn’t a walk in the park. It takes some real effort. From regular cleaning to repairs, polishing to mechanical servicing, you must put in work to maintain your car’s good looks, safety, and functions.

The most sought after service by car owners who want to maintain that showroom look and feel is car detailing. That’s because full service detailing involves many things, aimed at ensuring that your car looks great at all times.

Many people think that car detailing involves nothing more than thoroughly cleaning a car. However, full service car detailing offers more than that. The word here is “full.” Why? Car detailing may also be partial. Such a package would exclude some services. To put it plainly, full car detailing involves all other services apart from the mechanical ones. It covers cleaning, paint correction, polishing, and more. 

Let’s have an in-depth look at some of the services you’ll get from a full detailing service.

General Cleaning

When you take your car to a detailer, one of the obvious services is cleaning. A detailer will do a thorough cleaning of all the interior and exterior. The kind of cleaning done by a detailer isn’t limited to the surfaces that you see. It involves the cleaning of seats, tyres, engine, and carpet, among other areas. It’s extensive and ensures that every part of your vehicle is squeaky clean. 

Paint Care

When you got for a full car detailing service, a professional detailer will examine the paintwork. In case it has defects, say scratches, faded paint, or stubborn stains, it’s taken through a paint restoration process. For example, a car’s paintwork may look cheap because it has stayed for an extended period under the scorching sun. If you want to preserve that new car look, regular paint correction might be necessary.

Wheel and Tyre

Nobody wants to drive around in a car that has dirty or old-looking wheels and tyres. Your wheels and tyres may not even be old, only that they’re not properly maintained. For good looking, shiny, and meticulously cleaned wheels and tyres, full detailing is your best bet. The cleaning also covers the suspensions, among other areas. The car detailer will also use plastic protectant to cover plastic parts, as well as the wheels and tyres.  

Car Lights

You may have all the other car parts looking clean and new, but if the lights don’t meet the same standards, your car will still look cheap and old. 

To address this, the detailer must clean and apply a polishing compound on them. 

After that, the detailer would apply a plastic sealant as an extra layer of protection on the lights. All these are to protect the lights from cracking or losing their lustre. 

Seats and Interior Surface Restoration

Leather is the most widely used material for making car seats. The challenge is that most traditional car wash techniques damage leather. Other materials are also prone to damage when not handled carefully. Professional car detailing takes care of this by avoiding the use of any washing detergents that are too corrosive to leather or other materials. Doing so ensures that the condition of your car seats and interior are well preserved. Also, where necessary, the detailer restores any damaged surfaces to give your car a brand new look.

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