/What You Need To Know About Owning a Swimming Pool
Owning a Swimming Pool

What You Need To Know About Owning a Swimming Pool

We dream of owning a swimming pool at some point in our homes; for those who don’t already have one. This should be an exciting time for your family as they will get a place they can have fun, especially during hot summer months. However, have you ever thought about what awaits you once you install a swimming pool? In this article, we get to look at things you ought to know in regards to owning a swimming pool.

1.   Extra guests

Homes that have pools get more visitors than those without. The simple reason being the pool. If you have teenagers, you can be assured their friends will make your home their second home. This is a good thing as you will get to have your kids spend more time at home where you can monitor them instead of having them go to a neighbour’s in search of a pool.

2.   You will need to be extra vigilant

Swimming pools are fantastic; this is where most of the fun in your home is likely to take centre stage. However, with all the good things that they come with, they also pose a significant danger to kids and even adults if safety measures are not adhered to. You need to ensure that the pool area is fenced off to avoid toddlers drowning in case they get to the pool area unaccompanied. 

Ensure that there is an adult at all times by the poolside whenever there are kids in the pool.

Cases of kids drowning are far too many to be ignored. You are likely to get fined or even worse get sued for negligence.

3.   Pools require maintenance

Just like any facility, pools require maintenance. Depending on where you are located, you might have to do weekly or biweekly cleaning of the pool to keep it in pristine condition.

4.   Pools are costly

Aside from the initial cost of buying and installing them, maintenance, purchasing of chemicals, and other products needed for cleaning as well as repairs will cost quite a substantial amount, so be prepared.

5.   It will transform your home

It will make an excellent addition to your home, especially if you get a creative builder who will make good use of the available space. Trendy features that are included in and around pools will give your home a beautiful look. Using LED lights, for instance, can create a stunning effect at night.

6.      Your home will be the party capital 

If you happen to be the only one that owns a pool amongst your peers, then you can rest assured you will be hosting most of the parties. Swimming pools are great venues to host parties with the guests getting a chance to party both in and off the pool.

7.   You won’t have a reason not to stay in shape.

In case you do not fancy going to the gym and lifting weights, a swimming pool should be a great alternative to help you stay in shape. The best thing about owning your pool is that you can get in and do a few laps any time you want. 


Before getting yourself a pool, you must consider the above set of things.

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