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What You Should Look For In A Property Styling Company 

When it comes to selling your property, your tasks can quickly pile up. Scheduling inspections and arranging for a thorough last clean are the tip of the iceberg. Your personal furniture and items need packing and moving services.

The good news is you can welcome expert help and take off some of this pressure to make your home sale-worthy and ready for buyers. A property styling company ensures your house looks impressive to score well with potential buyers. 

Contrary to what we think, property styling doesn’t end at interior decoration. It utilises a broad range of skills, knowledge, and talent. It’s why scrutiny should go to choosing the ideal styling company. We have some top tips to consider before getting into a partnership with a property styling company

Design skills combined with market expertise

Needless to say, an excellent property stylist has a solid background in the interior design and home staging industry. Similarly, they keep up with state-of-the-art market trends and, in particular, popular trends in your locality. 

Today, professional property stylists put various factors in mind to adequately prepare your house for a higher resale value. It includes boosting the look and feel of your home, emphasising what’s trending in your suburb and having characteristics that meet the needs and preferences of potential home buyers considering the area as their next home. Remember that design can only go as far as enthusiasm and uniqueness go. 

Excellent customer reviews and examples of work

Talking about one’s skills is one thing, and demonstrating is a whole different story. Credible property stylists have many work examples under their belt with customer satisfaction to vouge for them. Before you partner up with any stylist, ask for customer references and/or pictures of the past projects. 

Then go the extra mile by requesting examples of houses they have decorated and staged similar to yours. This is in consideration of size, neighbourhood, or style. They should allow you to ask questions that clear doubts about working with them. If they’re hesitant to answer or give you references for their past work, it may be best to consider another stylist. A professional should try as much as possible to make you feel confident that you’re working with the best team for optimum results. 

Personal, hands-on approach

Your home is where the heart, therefore it is where we seek our refuge from adverse weather elements and animals. Additionally your home is a reflection of our personality, preferences, and needs. That said, your property stylist must take a personal approach to your décor and staging. Ask about your stylist’s styling process during the selection stage. If it’s generic and formulaic, that’s a red flag. Your house’s style should be customised to accentuate the remarkable features that make your home homely. The process includes depersonalising, decluttering, modifying varying property areas, deep cleaning, and clearing odours. 


An ideal property styling company is highly knowledgeable about market demographics for tailored styling services that evoke the high-quality features of any property. Their staff have a solid experience in furniture rentals, property styling and interior décor. It makes it effortless to create an inviting living space with an attractive ambience that significantly boosts the resale value.

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