/Why Boxing Should be on your New Year’s Resolutions List

Why Boxing Should be on your New Year’s Resolutions List

As the year draws to a close, it is time to review the resolutions you made in January. Self-evaluation is a great way to see where things went right or wrong and plan to fix them next year. People set goals for various reasons; some targets are driven by personal interest or health, while others are for financial challenges.

For those of you who set fitness or weight loss goals this year, whether you achieved them or not, boxing should be on your resolutions list next year. For those of you who achieved your fitness targets, boxing training could come as a great way to spice up your workout routine and for those who didn’t, it can provide you with the discipline, variety and structure you need to gain a lot more than a lean body.

Why boxing is good for you

Boxing is not only about throwing a punch, but there are also a lot of aspects involved in the training program including agility, strength, stamina, and hand-eye coordination among others. How you move your feet is about as important as how you protect your head. There are many benefits of boxing training a few of which are highlighted here.

  1. Interesting Full body work out

Boxing workout routines incorporate a wide range of exercises unlike the mundane routine of running laps around the same track or staring at the same wall in front of your treadmill. The standard boxing training Sydney routine involves jumpingrope, shadow boxing, punching the speed bag then the heavy bag, pushups, squats and a whole range of planned out exercises that will keep the gym interesting any day of the week.

  • Goodbye Belly

If you really want to lose that belly fat next year, boxing is the way to go. Boxing for fitness is an intense workout that keeps you swinging from side to side constantly burning fat around your midsection. The fat around your belly, unlike the rest of your body, is quite toxic and is associated with a wide range of diseases including diabetes and cancers. By burning your belly fat fast, boxing can save your life.

  • Reduces Stress

A boxing club is the best place to let off some steam. Physical exercise is a highly recommended method for stress alleviation. In boxing, the combination of high and low-intensity workouts really gets the blood and endorphins flowing. A boxing club gives you a safe space to channel your aggression and built up tensions into a punching bag or with a sparring partner without dangerous consequences.

  • Packing a Power Punch

While we recommend boxing training as a fitness program, it always helps to be able to throw a good punch in the heat of the moment. In most brawls or confrontations, you don’t really have time to pull out the sleek martial arts training you got in the dojo two years ago. You do, however, always have time to land one good punch. One perfectly timed punch can mean the difference between you getting robbed or going home feeling like a knock out king. Remember although violence is not the answer to any confrontation, it builds your confidence to know you have an arsenal up your sleeve.

  • Personal Discipline

It takes a lot of discipline to get into shape as a boxer. There are many competencies you need to develop that can only be attained through rigorous regular training. Improvement in boxing is directly related to following the guidance of a trainer.

The main reason boxing is so good at developing personal discipline is because you need to faithfully perform a wide range of exercises in order to improve in any single aspect of boxing. Punching power, for example, is developed by improving leg strength, hand-eye coordination, timing and breathing techniques. To be successful as a boxer you need to hit the opponent more times than he hits you. This means you need to develop evasive maneuvers and blocking power.

  • Mental composure

Boxing improves your ability to stay calm under pressure. This is a result of the high-intensity training that is meant to help you learn how to think straight in high-stress situations. A good boxer is able to keep his cool even when streams of adrenaline are coursing through his veins. At the height of a fight, the most successful boxers are able to strategize and make calculated moves, preserving their energy and watching their breathing. A knockout is as much about timing the right punch as it is about landing a heavy one.


Boxing is an all-around sport that trainsyour mind as well as your body. Upcoming trends have people taking up boxingfor self-defence, fitness or as a hobby. Not every member of the boxing club islooking for a fight.

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