/Why Invest in Underground Concrete Tanks?
underground concrete water tanks

Why Invest in Underground Concrete Tanks?

Water is undoubtedly the most crucial commodity in life – without enough of it, you can’t get food, you’ll feel thirsty, and your surroundings will be filthy. All these affect your physical wellbeing and increase the risk of contracting diseases. As such, people invest heavily in water conservation practices, such as harvesting rainwater and conserving it in tanks. One popular type of storage solution isan underground concrete tank.

Here are some of the top reasons behind the increasing popularity of underground concrete tanks.

Reserve Water Supply

As mentioned above, the primary reason for constructing underground concrete tanks is to provide a storage solution for surplus water. When it rains, you can easily direct the rainwater into your tank. This water can prove useful whenever there’s a shortage resulting from burst pipes, drought, and other challenges. If the tank is big enough, you’ll have enough water to see you through the crisis.

Additionally, underground tanks can improve your conservativeness. People tend to be wasteful when relying on piped water because the supply is continuous. On the other hand, you see the amount remaining every time you draw water from a tank. As a result, you’re more likely to be conscious about your usage patterns to avoid wastage.

Low Maintenance 

Stainless steel tanks have several metal plates joined by bolts, rivets, and welding. In-between these joints are seams. The downside with this design is that the seams can contaminate your water when underground moisture starts wearing them down. For this reason, you need to continually inspect your underground steel tank to maintain the integrity of your water.

Contrariwise, underground concrete tanks require little maintenance. This is because they are waterproof, meaning that contaminants can’t get into your water and render it unsuitable for consumption.

Design Flexibility

Many homeowners don’t install underground tanks on their properties because of spatial constraints. However, this only applies to readymade tanks that are mainly plastic.

With concrete tanks, the contractor can design them in a way that conforms to the shape of your backyard. Simply put, you’re not limited to definite shapes. This also means that you can make the most of small spaces. 

Better Views

Unlike above-ground tanks, underground tanks don’t obscure your backyard – instead, you get a clear view of your home, neighbourhood, and surroundings. Such views create an illusion of space, even if you have a small compound.

By allowing you to get an uninterrupted view of your surroundings, underground concrete tanks ensure that you don’t compromise the serenity of your landscape for water security. This is a compromise that people with above-ground tanks have to make.

Increased Property Value

Since water is an essential commodity, prospective buyers will likely pay more for a property with outdoor storage solutions like underground concrete tanks. Furthermore, underground tanks don’t interfere with the home’s appearance because of their placement.

Final Words

As seen above, underground concrete tanks are a worthwhile investment. They guarantee water security without taking up lots of space or interrupting your view of the surroundings.

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