/Why YOUR dad wants a pizza oven this Father’s Day
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Why YOUR dad wants a pizza oven this Father’s Day

In most homes – Aussie or otherwise – mum does the cooking and dad does the barbie. Yes, there are exceptions, but that’s mostly how things work out. And, technically, pizza is closer to barbie than it is to kitchen-made meals, especially if you make it from scratch. We’re talking about the dad kind of pizza here – with store-bought base. Because unless your dad is a trained chef, he’s not about to struggle and knead fresh dough.

The mother’s day trope is to make her breakfast in bed. For some reason, dads don’t get the same treatment. But if you asked him whether he’d like fresh squeezed juice, pancakes, and oatmeal as a treat, he’d probably tell you to forget the maple syrup and just get him some pizza and beer. And pay for it. He spends all year paying the bills, it’d be nice to have someone else take the tab for once. But it’s not enough just to call the pizza place on his behalf. This is his day. Give him a special treat.

He gets to feel like a man

A lot of men like to work with their hands, so the idea of a DIY project sounds like fun. Unfortunately, many men over-estimate their abilities, so if you’re going to give your dad a task – especially if you’re giving it as a gift – make sure it’s something he can complete. Bonus points if it’s something he can enjoy, if it involves beer, and if it’s a functional project he can use for decades to come. Like, say, a pizza oven.

He can construct it in the back yard, on the deck, or in your alfresco kitchen. Many come pre-cast in a mould so he just has to assemble it. There are simple instructions and even videos online. It’s a job that would take him one afternoon and give him infinite bragging rights. It could be a father-son task you can do over the weekend. Or a father-daughter task if you’re one to get your hands dirty. If not, you can hold his beer and read him the instructions.

He can ‘cook’ for himself

The beauty of getting dad a DIY pizza oven for father’s day is its longevity. It’s not a one-off present. Every time he walks past the oven, he’ll feel that surge of pride all over again. It will add the value of his property and get him outside in the fresh air. Better, it lets him have as much pizza as he wants anytime he wants it. He can’t get nagged about his expenditure or cholesterol because technically, it’s a home-made meal, and he can always replace the ingredients with something healthy like whole-wheat base and add herbs as toppings.

If your mum has her way, his pizza will be low on cheese and high on vegetables. Which is why being dad’s oven, he has the final say on how it gets used. And since he’ll be making the pizza himself, your mum can’t interfere with what he puts on it, especially if he does his pizza-making when she’s not home … pizza (and beer) night could become your tradition. Still, to stay on mum’s good side, you could find her recipes for pie, salads, roasts, and other goodies that can be baked in the pizza oven. That way everybody’s happy.

It’s an excuse to have the boys over

Naturally, you’re not the only one that will benefit from nightly pizza. Dad will love calling his mates over for a guy’s night. They can catch the game, use the console (if your dad is a gamer), or just enjoy their alcohol and junk food, home style. Just be sure everybody has a ride home – you don’t want them drinking and driving. Plus, you can be sure your mum will like this plan. Even if she doesn’t enjoy a house full of rowdy men, she will like knowing where dad is and not worrying about the trouble he’s getting into at the local.

Of course now that you’ve given dad the DIY bug and set a precedent you’ll have to continue this line of gifting. You have lots of options though, like a flat-pack pre-fab shed he can turn into a man-cave, taking their boys’ nights to the next level. Or a home studio he can build for mum when she starts to feel neglected. You might just create a DIY monster, but his creations are the kind everyone will be happy with, most of all, dad himself.