/4 reasons why Aussies are chasing underground water tanks
underground water tanks

4 reasons why Aussies are chasing underground water tanks

A growing trend in Australian household is that of the underground water tank. We all know how hot Aussie summers can get, especially for those up north. It’s not uncommon for above ground water tanks plastic to warp, or keep the water at boiling temperatures. This is an obvious Australian advantage of underground water tanks, but why else are so many Australians going for the underground water tank? Here’s 4 of the best reasons.

1 You’ll save on space.

First, and most obviously, the underground water tank is a much more space-efficient water storage solution. Owning an underground water tank not only means that your water will be cooler, but the odds of backyard cricket in the summer just got higher because of the saved space an underground water tank provides. Whether you’re building or buying a home, or just looking to install an underground water tank, saving those precious square metres can make a world of difference to your Aussie backyard.

2 They’re safe from vandalisation.

In some areas where vandalisation is an issue, that issue is cancelled out when it comes to your water storage option. Underground water tanks are great for keeping your property in tact, and ensuring your water storage isn’t tampered with. There have also been break-and-enter cases where intruders use outdoor tanks to get into high windows – this obviously isn’t an option with the underground water tank.

3 you’re protected from nature.

Australia is a haven for natural disasters, whether we have floods raining down on us, relentless bush fires or brutal summer storms, we are no strangers to hectic weather forces. The underground water tank greatly reduces the risk of your property being damaged in any of these naturally occurring events that we see around the country year in, year out. No matter what the situation, an underground water tank is the best bet for when the weather pick up down under.

4 Wildlife may damage your tank.

Australian wildlife is just as ruthless as our weather at the best of times. An underground water tank ensures that no possum, bat, bird or anything in between can damage your water storage solution. An underground water tank is the only way to ensure that no animals can damage your property or potentially make your water supply undrinkable through contamination.

These four reasons are just the beginning of what an underground water tank brings to your home. If you’re looking for water storage that provides a minimalist feel to your home and is safe from being damaged, then an underground water tank is your only bet in Australia. Whether your underground water tank is below your driveway, under your backyard or down the side of your house, you can be sure it is the right call. 

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