/5 Holiday Entertaining Ideas around Your Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Wood Fired Pizza Oven

5 Holiday Entertaining Ideas around Your Wood Fired Pizza Oven

A wood-fired oven is at the top of all other types of the oven as it enhances even distribution of heat, and the firewood used as fuel gives the pizza a unique taste. A wood-fired pizza oven is used as an outdoor pizza oven as it is not safe to use firewood inside a building. A Neapolitan pizza is one type of pizza that is prepared using an outdoor pizza oven as the oven enhances the culture and art that the pizza possesses. A wood-fired pizza oven is constructed using cement and bricks, making it a permanent installment in the kitchen or outdoors.

The following are five-holiday entertaining ideas that you can carry out around your wood-fired pizza oven.

1. Smoking Meat

A pizza oven is an ideal place to smoke your meat and fish. The intense heat in the oven cooks the meat while the smoke adds flavour to the meat. The best chefs leave the beef overnight in the oven where it cooks and smokes overnight. This is a good idea when holding a barbeque party for a family gathering or birthday party.   

2. Fire Roasting Vegetables

This is where vegetables are directly exposed to a flame. Eggplants and peppers achieve good results with this type of cooking. A wood-fired eggplant makes an excellent Middle Eastern dish such as Babaganoosh. Potatoes also are great when oven baked as they have a unique smoky flavour. Sweet potatoes cooked in a wood-fired oven also attain a good texture and extra flavour.

3. Baking Bread

A wood fire pizza oven is ideal for bread baking as you can add steam to make the bread crust crispier. The stove should have a temperature of 100 – 180 degrees centigrade. When using the wood fire oven, you should get rid of the oven embers to avoid burning the bread. Heat the oven to about 450 degrees and scatter the embers all over before putting in the dough; the stove should have adequate heat to ensure it retains heat for long to bake efficiently. After heating the oven, put the dough on the floor using a baking tray and close the oven door and do not open the door for at least 3 minutes to achieve a crispy crust. Rotate the bread regularly to ensure even baking noting that constant opening of the oven will reduce the temperature in the oven.

4. Making Pizza 

A wood-fired pizza oven attains high temperatures in comparison to an electric or a gas oven as it quickly reaches 500-700 degrees in no time. The quick heating reduces cooking time to as low as five minutes. This is ideal, especially if you are cooking for a crowd as you can cook enough pizza to serve their appetite

5. Corn

You can prepare your corn while still on the cob but remember to soak the cob to prevent burning. Place them on the oven grill and turn them regularly. You can leave them to flesh char but be careful not to burn them.

A wood fire pizza oven is not only suitable for pizza but a variety of other delicious dishes. If you love cooking outdoors when hosting guests, then this is the ideal oven for you. 

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