/6 Common Mistakes When Buying UTE Accessories

6 Common Mistakes When Buying UTE Accessories

Mistake You Need to Avoid When Buying UTE Accessories

You’re ready to upgrade your UTE, and you start shopping for UTE accessories. But if you’re new to the aftermarket parts world, chances are, you aren’t exactly sure which parts will fit your UTE, where you should source them from, and maybe if it’s even legal to install a particular accessory on your vehicle.

Don’t worry; this can happen to anyone. With thousands of UTE accessories to choose – from modified ute trays, to light bars – it can be difficult to know if you’re buying the right accessory for your vehicle. Here are a few things to avoid to make sure you’re getting the best accessories for your UTE:


6 Common Mistakes When Buying UTE Accessories


Improperly Sourcing Parts

There are hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers in the ute accessory market. An overwhelming majority of manufacturers have solid reputations, provide excellent customer service, and build high-quality aftermarket accessories.

Yet, there’s a small minority of sellers that you should avoid like the plague. How can you be sure you’re dealing with a reputable parts dealer? First, read the manufacturer or supplier’s online reviews. Do they receive high marks for customer service and parts quality? That’s a good sign. Plus, ask about the distributor’s quality assurance standards. The best UTE accessory suppliers will guarantee the quality of their parts.

Faulty Installation

A high-quality aftermarket part can transform your vehicle. But many forgot to consider installation when they purchase a new accessory. They think: I bet I could install this myself, even if they have limited knowledge of parts installation. The result: The accessory is prone to breaking, or worse, it creates an unsafe driving condition.

If you don’t have the knowledge to install the part, find an experienced installer who can help. Most UTE accessory manufacturers provide installation service, or at the least, they can recommend a local provider in your area.


Choosing the Cheapest Option

You might be tempted to buy the cheapest accessory, but in some cases, that’s the wrong choice to make. Take a replacement ute tray, for instance. The cheapest tray options tend to be made from lower quality aluminium or steel. These trays are more susceptible to dents and dings, corrosion and do not have the same payload capacity as a higher-quality tray.

In the end, you’ll pay more for repairs or replacement, or your vehicle’s resale value could drop. The same could be said for engine, suspension and drivetrain modifications. Although cheap parts and accessories can save money upfront, they’ll likely cost you more in the future.


The Accessory Is Incompatible With Your Vehicle

When it comes to auto accessories and parts, size matters. You’d be surprised how many people have to return a part because it’s not the right fit. Just because a part fits a similar make or model, that doesn’t mean it will fit your vehicle. This is especially important if you plan on buying from a third-party seller – i.e. a junkyard or eBay seller. Often, you can find the sizing information on the manufacturer’s website. If you’re unsure, be sure to contact the supplier.


Choosing the Wrong Accessories for Your Application

In every accessory category, there are dozens of products, each designed for a specific application. Roof racks, for instance, are designed to carry specific types of gear, they have set weight limits, and accessories can be added to them. If you need a roof rack that can carry a bicycle, you should ensure you’re buying a part that’s designed for that application. Choosing the wrong type of equipment can create a safety hazard or scratch the surface of the vehicle.


Not Ensuring Accessories Are Roadworthy

Most accessories are designed for UTEs that can be driven every day. But there are some accessories that can alter the vehicle enough that it’s no longer street legal. Window tinting, for instance, can be too dark, which can result in fines. In Victoria, for instance, the legal limit for tinting is 35 percent. Other types of accessories like offset wheels also might not pass inspection. Be sure you understand what’s legal in your region before buying an accessory.

Having to return parts or installing the wrong part on your vehicle is a nightmare. Don’t choose the wrong ute accessory. Instead, remember to choose a reputable source, have a plan for installation, and size the part correctly. If you do that, you’re guaranteed to have a pleasant parts buying experience.