/A Beginner’s Guide to selecting bedroom furniture

A Beginner’s Guide to selecting bedroom furniture

We break down the essentials

What an exciting time! We envy your blank canvas as you embark upon a design journey in the most important room in the home. 

The bedroom

The bedroom should be treated like a sacred ground as it’s the haven of havens.  It’s your escape and room of retreat from life and all of its splendor.  When creating the concept and developing the look and feel of your room, you shouldn’t get overwhelmed but take the process one step at a time. 

While you build and design your bedroom, consider these must have items that will completely transform the space into a room that will rejuvenate you day in and day out.

Most Comfortable Bed Ever

The bed is the most important item in the bedroom in our opinion.  (It’s called a bedroom people.

First, make sure you get a quality mattress and box spring that fits your sleeping style.  Don’t cheap out on this.

Next, get a nice bed and bedframe and headboard if desired.  Some people actually use platforms and other different styles for their beds, but this is up to you. 

Get quality linens with high thread counts and don’t skimp on the pillows.  The more the better!

Get a Wardrobe

A wardrobe often goes neglected and we still don’t understand why.

You must have additional storage space outside of your closet. 

Wardrobes also double as multipurpose pieces because they can be used for clothes storage, an entertainment space, or even a mirror!

Wardrobes also bring the entire look of a room together due to their size and magnitude.

Make your new built in wardrobe the focal point of the room and you will see how necessary it truly is to make a bedroom complete.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is so important. To round out your bedroom, consider additional lighting outside of the default overhead lighting. 

Get educated on different types of lighting from colored lighting to LED or even soft and warm lighting contrasts.  Lamps, floor lamps, wall lighting and sconces…. consider a range of options when designing your space.

Relaxation is Key

What puts you at ease?

Think about things that make you relax, or that consistently restore your energy and improve your mood.

Think about calm colors, a bedside carafe of water, and soothing sounds and scents that relax your overall spirit.

Have a Seat

So, you’ve got a bed.  Now add another piece for others or even yourself for sitting purposes.  Whether a loveseat or chaise or recliner, make sure you incorporate additional seating.

Nature is Important

Add plants and woods and items of nature to bring life and feng-shui into your sleeping quarters.

A mini waterfall, bonsai tree, or aquarium are other items that fit this bill.

Something Special + Decor

Since your bedroom is a personal, make sure you add elements that are personal and special to your life.

These special trinkets will bring a sense of love and belonging, further making you feel better which is one of the purposes of the bedroom—spiritual uplift!

Photographs of loved ones or trinkets from your worldly travels all can help fill the design and spiritual space of the bedroom as well.  Get creative here while picking items that simply make you feel good.

Area Rug

A rug provides so many immediate benefits. 

Put it near your bed to provide a warm and cozy place to put your feet every night before bed.

A rug will also tie an entire room together and you get to choose a design too that reflects your personality.


Whether it’s a nightstand or a bedside table, its interchangeable. 

Often overlooked, a nightstand will provide an understated design element that will double as a highly utilized furniture piece. 

Use this as a place to hide any personal belongings, place a book to read at night, a place for a lamp or spot to charge your phone.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

You may have a mirror in the bathroom, but nothing beats a full-length floor mirror that allows you to see your entire outfit. 

As mentioned above, consider a mirrored wardrobe if space is an issue!  Double functionality!

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