/Attractive Colours for Your Awnings
Attractive Colours for Your Awnings

Attractive Colours for Your Awnings

When youre getting a new shed for your garden or workshop, you have several options. You could build it yourself from scratch, which is fine if youre good with your hands. You could hire a local construction crew to build one for you, which means having a lot of strangers roaming around your yard for an indeterminate period. Or you could get a ready-made shed from a specialist company.

Usually, companies that offer pre-made sheds will install the shed for you, saving you a lot of time and money. Youd have to find out their terms and limitations. Many firms will put the shed up, but theyll ask you to prepare the foundation on your own, including silicone seals for the base of the shed. The seal protects the shed from water damage that might drift up from the ground below the shed.

There are many different types of sheds. You can get one for idle storage, or for more active use, such as an office, a man cave, or a play space. You could also use a shed as an aviary, a form of housing for your dogs, or as outdoor entertainment space. Whatever you intend to use your shed for, an awning can be a handy addition. It offers extra protection from rain and sunlight, and it puts a little style in your building.

Awnings can be made of canvas and similar fabrics, or they could be more solid, such as roofing tile, or galvanised steel sheeting. Solid awnings are generally used for car sheds, though they can also be used to protect outdoor barbeque areas. Whichever form of awning you select, it helps to fit it into your colour scheme so that it compliments your overall style.


Colour for awnings


Your awning might be installed at the same time as your shed or barbeque space, or it might be a later addition. If youre installing them simultaneously, pick the colour of the building first. Then, if youre using a fabric awning, check out the available patterns. Most fabric awnings are multi-coloured, with striped patterns being quite popular.

To have the awning highlight your shed, find a pattern that has trace elements of the shed colour. The main colour of the shed should appear minimally on the awning, so that it gives an accent effect. Alternatively, if youd like your awning to be unobtrusive, pick a shade that exactly matches the shed. This will give the appearance of a seamless extension.

Another option is to use a neutral shade, the kind that goes with anything. It could be black, white, grey, tan, or beige. For lighter shades, think about the location of your awning. If its an area that gathers a lot of dust, your pale tones will be hard to maintain and will require a lot of cleaning. The same applies to areas with heavy precipitation.

If youre using fabric awnings, consider a seasonal colour scheme. You can buy several rolls of fabric, each highlighting a different tone from the rest of your décor. Rotate them to give your house a periodic facelift and stay in style all year round.

For situations with solid awnings such as carports and patio, the colour scheme will be determined by the colour of the main house. The same principles apply. You can match your awning to the least represented colour in your home.

Remember that the décor is based on external paint, not internal design. When someone approaches your home, they will notice the colour of your outer walls, and maybe the colour of your carport roof, if they approach from the right angle. These are the surfaces you should be focussed on.

Youll always be safe with earthy tones browns, greens, and greys. If you have a more colourful personality, you might veer into yellows and peaches, or lavenders and lilacs. These can be good if the positioning of your front yard has a good sunrise or sunset view. Consider your regional climate too. Areas that are prone to dust and the wind do well with dull colours that wont show dirt or need frequent repainting.