/Banner Must Have Essentials for Your Business

Banner Must Have Essentials for Your Business

If you want to attract a large audience – quickly then banner marketing is the way to go. Banners are great for marketing your business, products or services at conferences, on the street, at sporting events, fairs, markets, trade shows and more.  Before you rush out and order a banner today – if you want your banner to be effective you will need to do some careful planning first!

The tips below will help put you on the right track so with your next marketing campaign you can make a big impression – and the RIGHT impression!

Target your venue and your audience carefully. Before you even start thinking about what your banner is going to say and do, you have to consider the venue you will be attending and what *event* it is, that you’ll be planning on hanging your banner at. Large audiences are difficult to target as they have different interests, so choosing the strategy that will be most effective can be difficult. You are much better off just taking advantage of people’s common interests on the whole. For example, if you are attending a sporting event there will be people there from all walks of life, so you need to define the common denominator of those attending, so you can gain the most attention. Once you know your target audience THEN you can target your message.

Choosing the best style and size. It’s important to know where your banner will be hung and the space you have available only then can choose the right size. If your banner is too large or too small your banner will be hard to read. For example, if you are hanging your banner on the side of a football playing field, it would need to be a larger banner than the one you would hang inside an indoor conference or trade show. Vinyl banners are always a good choice as they are easy to clean and very durable. If your banner is to be hung outside – vinyl mesh is perfect, the small holes allow the wind to pass through the banner which helps prevent tearing. For conferences, theatrical events and trade show a canvas banner is recommended – they are non-reflective and durable.

Consider printing more than the one banner. Large events draw a big crowd and a diverse audience so you can increase your audience by printing different banners that target different audiences in the same crowd. Don’t be afraid to be creative – if you are targeting men and women separately and if the venue allows, consider hanging your banners near restroom entrances. Even better, use your banners as a way of directing people TO the restrooms along with your message. This way you will be guaranteed of hundreds of looks!

Don’t forget your call to action. What is it you want your audience to say or do once they have seen your banner? Your banner is part of your marketing plan and strategy – do you want your audience to visit your website? Phone you? Come to your shop? If you are at a trade show do you want them to come and see a demonstration? Or to swing by and pick up a free sample? Just as with any other marketing method you need to include an offer along with a call to action. Banners aren’t there to be a decoration, they are an effective marketing tool that is being used to get a response.

Big can be beautiful.  Ultimately whatever size of banner you have chosen and wherever you have chosen to place it, the banner still needs to be seen from a distance. Often banners are only glanced at, or seen for a few seconds by people walking or driving past this means people don’t have time to read a lot of text – keep your message big and bold.

Keep it simple.  Keep your information to the bare minimum – for effective banner design, all you need is a call to action, a headline and your logo. While a good image or graphic can help grab attention you don’t want to use too many images or your banner will look too cluttered and busy. Remember you are not using your banner to sell all your products and services, you are using your banner to advertise an element of your business or to push your brand. You could include a QR code or a web address to bring people to your store. Just keep in mind – the simpler the message – the more effective your banner will be