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Caring for Your Leather Lounge

Leather is renowned for its durability and low-maintenance. If you follow the correct procedure, keeping your leather loungers in a pristine condition is relatively easy.

It is worth noting that different types of leather upholstery have varying cleaning requirements. Before you start cleaning, it is essential to know the kind of leather you have.

Types of Leather Upholstery

The best way to identify the type of leather you have is by looking at the labels on the furniture. Alternatively, you can check it out on the manufacturer’s website.

However, if you cannot access such information, here are some clues.

Aniline leather, also known as unprotected or unfinished leather, has a soft texture. It lacks protection and usually has a pigment that makes it resistant to dust. Its surface has natural grains and markings. Because of its purity, aniline leather is the costliest.

Most furniture with leather upholstery is protected.  The protection makes the furniture more resistant to stains, long-lasting, and uniform in appearance than aniline leather.

Semi-aniline leather differs from aniline in that it has a protective pigment coat that makes it durable. Regardless, it still is soft and luxurious. Other protected leathers have a thicker coating, which makes them less susceptible to wear and tear.

How to Take Care of Leather Lounges

If you want your leather lounge to maintain its classic look, you need to give it the care and attention it deserves. Here are some steps you can follow to achieve this objective.

Clean it regularly

Leather is a robust fabric that gets better with time if you take care of it. Ideally, you should clean your lounges twice weekly, especially if they are used regularly. Make sure that you clean every part since leather tends to alter its colour when treated. This way, you will avoid having furniture with mismatched hues.

Condition Your Lounges Frequently

Leather has oil that needs frequent replenishment. The oil keeps the material soft and supple, but regular use can make it less effective. For this reason, it is vital to use conditioners on your leather lounges to prevent cracking.

Keep Leather Furniture Away from Heat and Direct Sunlight

One of the leading causes of cracking in leather lounges is prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and other heat sources. This is why you should position the sofas away from sources of heat.

Buff Your Leather Lounges

The best way to keep your leather lounges in tier original condition is by buffing them. Buffing also makes the scratches and stains on your furniture less visible.

Plump Your Cushions

Besides keeping your lounges clean, you also need to maintain their shape. Plumping your cushions regularly can help with keeping their shape intact. This particularly applies to cushions with fibre filling, because they cannot assume their original form as foam does.


Despite its durability, leather is susceptible to staining from food and spills. Luckily, cleaning such messes immediately reduces the chance of staining your furniture. The best thing about leather lounges is that they can serve you for many years if you take proper care of them.

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