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How To Choose Between The Lopi Fireplace Range?

With so many beautiful options, it can be difficult to choose between the many gas fireplaces in the Lopi range. Some of their gas fireplaces have features like pebbles, stone, sculptured driftwood or stunningly crafted log media and each model is further enhanced with accent lighting. All of Lopi’s gas fireplaces include GreenSmart Direct Vent gas technology for efficiency that can save you money on your gas bill. The high-output models from Lopi also feature ceramic glass for increased radiant heat, meaning your rooms will be warm and cosy almost as soon as you turn on the fire.

Here we’ll break down some excellent options for linear, inbuilt, double sided, and freestanding Lopi fireplaces based on the heating capacity of the model and the outer face design, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for to make your space warm and cosy.



Linear fireplaces are a great way to create visual interest along an empty wall or add a little extra cosines below a wall-mounted TV without taking up any extra space in your home.


Lopi ProBuilder Series

Lopi’s ProBuilder range of linear fireplaces are an affordable, high-quality line to take a look at if you’re considering a linear fireplace for your home.

The newest arrival to the Lopi gas fireplace range, the ProBuilder collection is available in three sizes: 42-inch (about 107cm), 54-inch, (about 137cm), and 72-inch (about 183cm) fireboxes.

The ProBuilder range can heat 100-200 square meters depending on the model, and feature glass, stone, and log media options behind a tempered glass viewing area. These designs use heavy duty gauge 16-18 steel construction, easy access gas controls, quiet dual 90 CFM fans, and an optional remote control. It also features GreenSmart Basic 2 technology, which allows you total control over the fire to save energy and money.



Inbuilt gas fireplaces are also great space savers and come in a range of styles from the contemporary to those that channel a more rustic and traditional fireplace look.



Lopi Fireplace




The Lopi Direct Vent Small (DVS) or Direct Vent Large (DVL) inserts use a combination of convective heat, radiant heat, and reduced depth dimension to turn your inefficient fireplace into
a convenient source of gas heat whether your existing fireplace is large or small.

The DVS insert heats up to 140 square meters, so it’s perfect for zone heating small to mid-sized living spaces like bedrooms or the den. The DVL insert can heat up to 180 square meters and is perfect for larger great rooms or dining areas. Both the DVS and DVL inserts feature the revolutionary Ember- Fyre split-flow burner to create a realistic wood-burning flame.


Lopi 564HO GS2 Inbuilt Gas Fireplace

Heating up to 158 square meters and offering a choice of three burner options, the Lopi 564HO GS2 is a tough model to beat. You can select the high-performance Ember-Fyreburner, the Dancing-Fyre burner or the contemporary Diamond-Fyre burner with a choice of driftwood or stones—there is something for every home design.

The 564HO GS2 also features a turn down ration of up to 71% for natural gas or 79% for LPG ensuring a high-efficiency fireplace that can save you money.


Double Sided

In addition to being a stunning focal point for any home, a double-sided fireplace has the added benefit of radiating heat out on either side of the wall where it’s housed.


Lopi 864ST GS2 Double Sided Gas Fireplace

The 864ST GS2 has a heating capacity of up to 120 square meters and can have a different face on each side of the fireplace to match the aesthetic of each room. The Dancing Fyre burner emanates a warm, yellow fire with glowing embers that have been designed uniquely for either viewing sides to create a truly realistic looking fire.



Lopi Fireplace



Lopi 4415ST HO GS2 Double Sided Linear Gas Fireplace

The Lopi 4415STis a high output fireplace that features ceramic glass for increased radiant heat, resulting in a heating capacity of up to 195 square meters! This model is a great heating solution for large or multiple connecting rooms and includes a heavy-duty 10-gauge welded glass frame and six adjustable levels for fan, lights and flame.



Freestanding fireplaces are quite efficient wood heaters because all sides are exposed and cat radiate heat out as opposed to only the front on most built-in models.


Lopi Cypress Freestanding Gas Fireplace

The Lopi Cypress has a great contemporary look with three panels of ceramic glass for an excellent view of the fire from all around. With an impressive 180 square meter heating capacity, the Cypress is an excellent option for larger living spaces. The Cypress model offers the options of pebble, traditional log or sculptured driftwood media and can flue off the top or directly off the rear, offering flexibility in its placement in the room.


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