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hristmas Gift Ideas for Friends

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas is having friends over! If you’re all adults, then you would most probably be regularly observing beer o’clock. It’s an Australian culture that helps friends catch up with the lives of one another and keep the bond tight. It means they’re regularly seeing each other, but having friends over at Christmas could bring in a different experience. For one thing, almost everyone is in! Another is that most of the friends would be staying over longer than normal because there’s no work the following day.

However, Christmas parties still end in the exchange of gifts after an abundant feast. What could be a good gift to a friend this time?

Some people find it hard to decide on what to gift their friend because they would normally talk but not necessarily observe one another’s lives. The key to being able to give someone a gift the receiver would remember for a long time would be through doing a little research.

Look at the receiver’s interests and likes. Would she be someone who likes cats? Does he have a dog at home? Our lifestyles dictate what items we consider as worthwhile.

Something Edible

Food could be your best bet when it comes to gifting your friends. Maybe because it’s something they can share with you or bring at home to share with their family. For a change, instead of the usual grocery items, opt to gift gourmet baskets instead. Grocery gift baskets are probably the safest gift there is, but they are too normal to give as a gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends-Gift Basket

Try to break the borders and think out of the box when gifting someone this year. To move away from the conventional, think of something that your friend would enjoy. Some gift sets have wines and biscuits, some have teas, biscuits, and wines, some have beers, nuts, biscuits, and baked goods. If you feel that your friend would prefer getting chocolates, then try gifting her a set with chocolates and other items alongside it.

You can also buy a separate basket with different varieties of beers and goodies, and share that with them.

Coupons or Gift Cheques

If you are feeling generous and you have bought yourself a coupon to a place you don’t feel like going to at the moment, maybe you can give that coupon to your friend as a gift. Any hard worker would definitely appreciate a short holiday away, and you could make that dream come true for him. If what you have instead are free tickets to the movies or a play at a theatre, consider gifting those tickets instead.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends-Gift Cards

Watching shows can be another getaway. If you happen to have received more than enough gift cheques, consider sharing that with your friends. Christmas after all is all about sharing. You can also opt to buy the gift cheques yourself and give it to your friend as a gift.


Antiques and Ornaments

Go to a flea market where you could spot original items at prices that are affordable. Always make sure to check though the quality of the handcrafted item and see if it is something you would want to receive as a gift. Would this be something that would last almost a lifetime?

Antique items are prized possessions that always managed to adapt to the change of years. It has intricate detailing and is usually made of wood that could last for another century. Consider that if you gift some antique items, they may be slightly broken or have a lot of flaws on the surface. Scrutinise the item first before buying.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends-Antiques

Some sellers sell accessories that they made themselves. Remember that handcrafted items are usually sold at high prices, if the seller sells it at a price that you could afford and the quality of the item is superb then don’t haggle too much and just take it and appreciate the efforts of the maker.

If you have a trip abroad, buy your gift from that place. Take note though to not gift something you would consider a souvenir. Gift something that would be worth more than a souvenir’s worth.



This could pertain to anything that would help your friend organise his thoughts. This could be a jewellery box, a desk organiser, a refrigerator organiser, or even a journal. Is your friend mentioning having problems with the organisation of his drawers? Have you visited his home and noticed something that could be fixed by arranging them with the use of an organiser? Is your friend someone who always kept a journal.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends-Organisers

Some organisers are worth a lot. Saving him from having to buy the things himself would definitely be something he would appreciate. Do take note though that not all people would appreciate being told to organise his stuff, so be careful about possibly upsetting him if you aren’t sure that gifting him organisers would be a good idea.


Gadget Accessories

Any individuals would appreciate receiving gadget accessories that are compatible with their gadgets, such as a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. Some items that works perfectly with an Android may not work at all with an iPhone. If you’re not sure whether your friend is an Android user or an iPhone user, check with the storekeeper first to know if the item works on both types of phone. Also, make sure that the stock you are going to purchase is in a good working condition before paying for it.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends-Gadget

Ask also the storekeeper for a gift stub before paying for the item. Without the stub, you may end up having to give the receiver the receipt, which has information on how much you paid for it and where you bought it. That would be such a spoiler.


Handmade Stuff

If you are good at making and repairing items, gift your friend a vanity mirror, a medicine cabinet, a belt hanger, or a shoe organizer. Be creative as you come up with projects that you know could work as a memorable Christmas gift. If you’re good at sewing, make a bag chain, a key organiser, a bookmark, or a bag tag. You can also try gift a pillow or a blanket.

Making soap can be another way you can gift someone and leave an impression if you know some things about cosmetology. Lip balms, bath oils, or massage oils could be other things you could gift your friend.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends-Handmade

The most thrilling part about gifting someone is finding out whether the receiver liked your present for him. Christmas is all about giving surprises, so move away from the conventional because being conventional would spoil the fun.

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