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Christmas gift hampers

Christmas Presents for Mum

Our mums are special to us. They take care of us all year round and Christmas is the perfect time to get them the special gifts they deserve. During this time there are so many gift options and that makes it difficult to decide on the perfect one. We all want our presents to be symbolic of our love and gratefulness for our mums.

Gift hampers (or alternatively gift baskets) make great presents. They are a set of items usually centred around a particular theme into one basket and offered as gifts. Baskets have the advantage of grouping up multiple gifts together (and thus getting a discount on the basket itself) and, through wrapping, can offer an eat and thoughtful gift for your mum.

Also, gift baskets takeout the hassle of having to figure out which specific items you should add to the basket. This is obviously because the baskets come pre – filled with multiple objects surrounding the theme of the basket. The only work is figuring out which theme is best regarding what your mum loves.

Furthermore, for all of us who wait till the very last minute to get gifts for our loved ones (or for those of us who just plainly forgot), then it may be a good idea to get something that won’t take up too much time. There are a lot of gift basket providers who actually offer same day delivery for their baskets. This could even serve as a perfect way to get a surprise gift for your loved ones.

So what options are readily available on the market? Here are some great hamper choices.

Sparkling Seasons Greetings

If your mum is a lover of wine, then you may want to get her a wine hamper. These baskets usually contain one bottle of premium wine coupled with some hard candy or some rich chocolate. The best hamper to pick would be based on your mother’s wine preference (does she prefer white wine, red wine or champagne?). The Sparkling Seasons Greetings is a prime example of a wine hamper. This hamper comes with sparkling chardonnay, pudding and some milk chocolate bars

Sweet Decadence Hamper

On the other hand, your mother might have a sweet tooth. The best hamper in this case would be one having an assortment of sugary bites and treats. The Sweet Decadence Hamperserves these needs well. It contains a pack of ginger biscuits, a few milk chocolate bars, various almonds, shortbreads and an assortment of fudge biscuits.

Mother’s Love Hamper

Maybe your mother appreciates smaller gifts that allow her to indulge in herself from time to time. The Mother’s Love Hamper would be the ideal hamper to get in this situation. The hamper comes with organic blue tea, a coffee scrub, a pack offace mud, lip balm and moisturizer as well as well as cute little tea pot. This perfect is perfectly subtle yet thoughtful at the same time.

Remember it’s all about presentation! Half of a gift basket is all about the packaging and wrapping of the product (if any), and so one should be careful when picking out a gift basket online. The question of how premium the packaging should be is a balance between the utility derived from the items within the basket and the price of obtaining the packaging itself. The higher the perceived utility your mum gets from the items in the gift the less the need for premium packaging. But since it is that time for giving (and this is your mother, after all) then you should strive for the premium packaging. Finally, make sure to include a Christmascard in your gift basket to add that extra personal touch.

All in all, our mumslove us. Any present we get them is a present they will love and cherish. MerryChristmas!

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