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Why Cockroaches Love Sydney?

We seem to know a lot about cockroaches, and a lot of ‘facts’ get thrown about. It’s said they can survive a nuclear apocalypse. Well, a study proved they can take on up to 40 times more toxic radiation than human beings can, so they’d definitely survive longer then we would if the world went nuclear. Interestingly, there’s a breed of wasp that can survive 9 nine times the level of radiation that any roach can handle.

It’s also said cockroaches can live for a week without their heads, hold their breath for 40 minutes, survive underwater for 30 minutes, go without water for week, and live without food for a month. Some of them can fly, they seem to like beer, and it’s said the best way to kill them is to freeze them to death. They’re cold blooded, but they thrive in humid heat.

This is probably why they bombard Sydney, especially in the summer. The high temperatures and summer showers are ideal for them to multiply. Every cockroach lives for about a year – if you don’t squish or exterminate it first. They take three or four months to mature, and a female cockroach can lay 200 or 300 eggs in a year.


Sunshine and roaches

Summer often means extra work for practitioners of cockroach pest control in Sydney. Usually, you can only notice cockroaches if you get up for a midnight snack. They prefer dark, damp places, so you might see them skittering beneath the kitchen sink of you shine your torch down there. If you leave dishes in the sink overnight, you may seem them sprinting through the debris when you switch on the kitchen light.

Cockroaches mostly live in cracks and crevices, but during the summer, they quickly overfill their nests, so you may seem them spilling out during the day. Also, when it rains, many of their hiding holes get waterlogged. They can stay underwater for half an hour or so, but after that, they’ll need to come up for air. That’s why they’re easier to spot after summer drizzles.

The temperature and general moisture in the air makes cockroaches more active, so there seems to be more of them. Of course increased energy comes with increased breeding and hatching so there’s that. Sydney is a highly urban area. Lots of apartments and dense living spaces. This offers cockroaches more food and lodging. If your neighbour is infested, you probably will be too, no matter how clean your sink is.


Lying in wait

Because cockroaches can be dormant for long periods, they sometimes seem to disappear during the colder months, or when houses are vacant. Then once the weather warms up and the house gets occupied, they crawl out. They can often be moved around in clothing and furniture, so be careful when moving house, and if you see any cockroaches at the office, double-check your jacket, bag, and books to be sure you don’t take them home.

Sydney has warm weather almost all year round, and lots of highly populated city buildings, so cockroaches do well. There are fewer infestations in the suburbs, because if a cockroach wants to migrate to the neighbour’s house in search of food or shelter, it’s a longer trek and they’re less likely to make it there alive. Body heat distribution is more spread out in spacious country homes, and most peri-urban roaches are bush-bound, not residential.

Also, remember that while a cockroach is a champion at hunger strikes, it will die of thirst in a week or two, so Sydney’s moist conditions are Valhalla for these insects. Residents often use fly spray to get rid of the cockroaches, but these sprays have no effect. It’s better to hire an exterminator. Professionals can inspect your home to see how bad the infestation is, get rid of them, and make the area unsuitable for more cockroaches to move in.


Building a roach-free Sydney

You may think moving out of Sydney is your only option, but unless you sanitise your baggage, you just might carry a cockroach with you. And if it’s a girl, your new house could soon have hundreds. Instead, call a Sydney cockroach control expert and practice basic cleanliness. Avoid leaving any food spills, dirty dishes, or wet pet food overnight.

Cockroaches love to hide in cardboard boxes and old newspapers, so don’t keep them in piles. Burn or recycle yours before they stack up into a luxurious roach motel. Check your cupboards and appliances often, especially the warm spaces behind fridges and electronics. They’re popular spots for cockroach. Call a handy-man to fix all drips and plug all cracks as soon as you notice them.

If you hate washing dishes or taking out the garbage, remind yourself that both piles call to cockroaches like a bat signal. Instead of smashing or spraying your cockroaches, use poisoned bait. It will lure them out to feed, and they’ll carry toxins back to their nests, infecting their resilient roach clans and killing them in larger numbers than your single shoe.


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