European Interior


Few things are as clear an expression of your sense of self as the decor you choose for your home. The design aesthetics you decide to go with become an outward representation of your inner likes and dislikes. Moreover, they may also act as your creative outlet. Therefore, what you go with counts has to be carefully considered.

There are many different design aesthetics in use today, and each one has some distinguishing features to set it apart from the rest. Furthermore, increased global interaction means design outlooks endemic to one area can influence and be replicated in far off lands. As a result, if you are drawn to a European style, executing it is not out of the realm of possibility. So instead, you may consider one of these four design elements:

Embrace Simple Styling.

European style embodies the ‘ less is more ‘ philosophy. To achieve this aesthetic, you have to rely on the sophistication and elegance brought about through the use of a neutral colour palette throughout the space. In addition, you must also avoid clutter. Therefore, it is best to keep a limited number of furniture pieces placed strategically throughout the room. Moreover, avoid filling up the available surfaces with items to maintain a crisp, clean look at all times. A few statement art pieces are all you need to complete the room’s look in this design style.

Don’t Be Afraid To Do Some Mixing

If you are judicious in your style choices, the old can work very well with the new. So consider looking beyond a single era to attain your ideal aesthetic. You can match old pieces and antiques with newer, more contemporary selections for a stunning result.

If you are more comfortable with a guideline on how to execute this design type, then keep this formula in mind: A traditional piece with elements of old enhancements like stained glass, elaborate handles or moulding will work very well with a simple and clean modern article. You only have to use neutral colours to bridge the gap.

Incorporate Some Leather

When working with a European interior style, you cannot afford to exclude leather. For this aesthetic, leather adds a feeling of luxury, elegance and timelessness that you cannot afford to miss out on.

 Additionally, leather’s availability in different colours makes it more desirable. Therefore, you can match your furniture choices to the room’s overall theme. The selection between dark, tan or white leather should tie into the general feel of the space while blending seamlessly with the dominant colour palette in use.

Add A Statement Piece

A statement piece is a single element that draws the focus within the room. It can be anything placed in the space, be it a piece of furniture, a rug or some artwork. By its nature, a statement piece is meant to express a unique aspect of your personality.

A sure fire method of creating and incorporating a statement piece is using colour. The importance of neutral palettes has been mentioned above; therefore, in this instance, you have to consider incorporating just one element with more bold colours for contrast. Beyond that, there is also the option to use bold lines, sweeping curvature, contrasting fabrics and different textures and shapes to create the same effect. Using these tips will help you bring Europe right to your Australian personal space. In addition, you don’t have to go far to get the furniture pieces required to execute this aesthetic. A trip to your local specialty furniture store will avail you of all you need to attain the European space of your dreams.

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