/Finding The Heating for You
Finding the heating for you

Finding The Heating for You

Heaters provide that additional heat you need to make and keep your home warm and cosy during winter. However, heating your home can come at a price – in electricity. This can be caused by –

  • How long you have your heater running every day or night
  • The brand or style of heater you have chosen
  • How much you are using your heater – every day, or just when it’s cold enough?
  • The age of your heater – if it’s old it could be costing you money

There are a lot of different options out there when it comes to heating and, as with any purchase, there are things you should take into consideration.


Types of Heaters

When it comes to the types of heaters available there are a lot of brands and styles on the market. Generally, heaters come in the following categories.

Electric heaters

These are also available in different styles and ranges –

  • Radiant Heaters
  • Convection heaters
  • Fan heaters
  • Under floor heaters
  • Column heaters
  • Reverse cycle air conditioners


Open fire heaters

These styles of heater not only will warm your room up, they will also create a whole new, warm and inviting ambience, it relaxes people and those flames are lovely to watch. Today open fires have been created to run on a range of fuel choices which all depend on price, source, quality and application. Open fire heaters are used in fireplaces that are either fixed or portable, with owners choosing to use wood as the fuel type meaning it’s not costing them a cent in electricity to stay warm.


different heaters for your house


Non-airtight stoves

These heaters get very hot and are constructed as *pot belly stoves* – they not only provide your home with heat they also look wonderful in a room. Pot belly style stoves are made from masonry rather than steel, with wood being the primary fuel. Because they radiate such a hot heat it means the emissions released are substantially reduced.


Slow combustion heaters

These heaters are available in a wide range of sizes, including small, medium and large. Airtight fireboxes and inlet controls are incorporated into this style of heater to allow for the quantity of air that enters the combustion chamber to be controlled.


Gas heaters

Actually generate less green-house gasses than electrical heaters and they are used because people believe they will use less energy. Gas heaters are not used in bedrooms due to safety concerns. You will find a good range of gas heaters are available – these include –

  • Gas log flame
  • Energy savers
  • Portable
  • Flued

To be able to make a smart choice when choosing your heater there are a few things you should consider before you buy a heater for your home. You need to decide on the type of fuel you want to be using – gas, wood, electricity? And the area you need to be heating. Are there lots of doors or is it open plan, do you have a single story or a 2-story home?

Those in the market for a new heater are influenced by –

  • Reduction in energy costs
  • How convenient the heater will be and what comfort it will bring
  • How much they can save on their household bills
  • Price of the heater itself
  • The energy star rating of the heater
  • Any environmental considerations

Another option is to consider a ducted system for your home, while the initial installation may be expensive it may be the more cost effective option over time.

Most heating suppliers will stock a range of heating options, and when it comes to making a purchase the type of brand, make, models, guarantees and warranties offered should also be a big part of the heater you choose. If you are still unsure take your time and look on line for reviews and feedback, alternately ask friends, family or neighbours for advice and options.

In Australia most homes have some form of heating in their home, from fireplaces to heaters, we are spoilt for choice and with so many heaters and styles available you will be able to find the one that’s perfect for your needs and suits your budget.