/Five of the Easiest Plants to Grow for Your Pergola or Patio Area

Five of the Easiest Plants to Grow for Your Pergola or Patio Area

Pergolas are shaded walkways that revamp your compound landscape into exotic, colourful rooms. Various climbing plants, vines and flowers are grown around pergolas and patios to provide shady spots for your backyard. The one thing you should ensure is that your pergola has a strong frame for the creeper plants. To find the best plant for your patio, check the climate of the area and season in which the climbers blossom best. Consider how long the plant will take to flower and how much maintenance would be required as it grows. Here are few of the top plants to make your pergola look like a tropical haven.


This is a big plant that grows deciduous in a twining growth. The vines can reach a height of up to eight meters. Honeysuckle has dark green leaves and sweet-scented nectar-filled white flowers. A similar green vine climber plant is the star jasmine. It has sweetly scented white star-shaped flowers that bloom densely in the spring.

Passion flower

This is an exotic plant with purple and white flowers. A tendril climber, passionflower grows in warm climates on organic soil that is properly drained. The added advantage of this fragrant plant is that it is edible, producing savoury fruits. Its thick green leaves provide a beautiful cover for your drab walls or fence in your patio and garden. Plants should be kept well-watered during dry months. Trim to shape and remove any blight-affected foliage in spring.


The clematis is a lightweight plant with attractive blue flowering vines. They are excellent companions to other plants because they don’t damage what they’re growing on. They can also be grown as ground covers, through a hedge, over an arch, on a pergola, in a pot or basket. It has dark foliage that provides a thick shade during the summer. It is best to give it a trim every year, so they won’t grow where you don’t want them.


The flowers of Wisteria are large and lie draping down when growing across a pergola. They are vigorous climbers and flourish best in the spring. These hardy, heavy-wooded, active climbers need strong footholds during its early stages, and routine trimming is vital to contain these climbers. As long as they grow in ample sun, and drained fertile soil, wisterias can bloom to up to 25 feet with blue-purple or white flowers.


A scrambler climbing plant, bougainvillea is one that loves the full sun and grows in free-draining soil. They produce well in equatorial climates with great bursts of colour ranging from red, yellow and purple. The advantage of this plant is its resistance to disease and pests. It requires very little maintenance and hardens as it grows.

Conclusion The best plants for a pergola are the ones that grow fast; they require little attention, and they thrive in the diverse Australian climate. Flower and vines that are inclined to pests and require a lot of maintenance. Well-drained soil is best for most climbing plants.