/Five principle Items for office workplace First Aid Kits
Five principle Items for office workplace First Aid Kits

Five principle Items for office workplace First Aid Kits

We spend a considerable amount of our time, for most of the week, at our places of work. The risk of getting injured while at work varies from one place to another, depending on what type of job one does. Whereas there are those jobs that are more susceptible and others that are less likely, every workplace needs a first aid kit.

Below we will have a look at five principle items that should be in your office first aid kits.


This is a must-have item in any first aid kit, let alone an office one. It has numerous uses, from stopping the bleeding to covering open wounds in case a bandage is not sufficient. You need to ensure that you apply an antibacterial ointment to any cut or wound before using gauze on it. 

It is recommended that you have different sizes so that you don’t have to waste time cutting it in emergencies

Adhesive Bandages

These are commonly known as Band-Aids and are a vital inclusion in your workplace first aid kit. They will be used to cover small injuries like bruises, blisters, and cuts. You will get them in different shapes and sizes to fit whichever damage a victim might have. It is essential to have as many varieties as possible because we are all different.

In case you work in an environment that requires constant use of water, make sure you stock waterproof ones to minimize the chances of infection. Some bandages come with antibacterial medication in them. These will spare you having to apply an antibacterial ointment on a cut. All you need to do is cover the affected part with them, and it will work.


A good old pair of scissors is another essential item that you need in your kit. It also has numerous uses, from snipping pieces of clothes that a victim might be wearing, to trimming and cutting gauze pads. This is one thing that will be vital, just make sure you get the curved medical scissors for the best results.

Hand Gloves

These are a must-have in any kit. They not only protect the victim from infection but also the person administering first aid. Gloves are essential for protecting both the person administering first aid and the injured part from bacteria and other harmful germs. To clean up an injured area that has blood or other bodily fluids, you have to use them. Make sure you stock lots of them, to allow as many people the chance of helping out safely. 

It is also vital to factor in that some people are allergic to latex. Most gloves that are available are made from latex. To avoid allergic reactions to those that are allergic to it, ensure that non-latex gloves are also provided.

With these items, your office workplace first aid kit will have everything needed to handle an emergency. Always make sure the bag has them at all times because you never know when it will be required.