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Five Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious

Every room in the house experiences wear and tear after a while; however, the bathroom seems to be the room that gets a considerable impact simply because of the frequent use of hot water. The moisture from heated water wears out the walls, ceilings, floors, and other amenities. However, a bathroom can be swiftly elevated to make it feel and look luxurious using the following ways;

The Magic of Colours

Your bathroom could have a feel of being lousy and monotonous instead of being a place to refresh. Probably it could be because of the faded colours expressing faded glory. The bathroom is the first room you dash to after you wake up, and its inviting appearance is likely to awaken moods and hopes for a fulfilling day. Colour speaks volumes, and there are several colours to choose from depending on preference and expectation.

  • All white – Screams elegance, spark, and cleanliness. It makes the bathroom space appear larger than usual.
  • Navy Blue – Mostly for the bachelors, making it look more masculine. It can be blended with softer shades to give a perfect feel.
  • Spa Inspired – Considered the most expensive. It is done using shades of blue to bring out a perfect softness that is regarded as luxurious.
  • Colour pop – It is trendy and relaxing; balancing the luxury
  • Vintage Pink – gives a feminine touch making one feel elegant and relaxed.

A colourful, luxurious bathroom is a top priority to home buyers; hence, property staging companies ensure the bathroom is up to date before selling a home.

Styling It Up With Tiles

With the help of a home stylist, you can tile the bathroom floors, walls and ceiling diagonally. This makes the bathroom look fancy and spacious. Material selection is essential but more importantly, is how they are tactically fixed to bring out the desired look. If more than one colour is used, it should be well blended to bring out a luxurious look.


Lighting can bring out a great look to your bathroom. The use of large-scale fixtures like the flush mount chandeliers makes your bathroom shine like it’s directly under the sun. Creating luxury in your bathroom using a powerful, elegant lighting system is significant because the changes are experienced without compromising on space. These lights can be stylishly placed in different positions on ceilings and walls. They can be designed to be adjustable to display different colours as desired.

Use of Classy Bathroom Containers

As earlier mentioned, due to frequent moist from hot water, most bathroom accessories wear out quickly. Therefore, they need to be frequently upgraded. Such accessories include soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, drugstore toiletries, glass bottles, shampoo and lotion dispensers etc. Make use of classy containers like amber glass or gold-toned metals. Ensure they have the right shade that matches the bathroom colours to give it the right warmth and elegance.

Inspirational Wall Hangings

What you keep seeing has a significant impact on your life. The bathroom is the first place you set your feet after waking up. Inspirational wall hangings with either pictures or well-crafted words can be of great help to start your day. It brings out good memories and hopes for the day ahead, making it cosy and luxurious in your few minutes spent in the washroom.


Most washrooms are considered places to only go when necessary and spend the least time possible. However, it’s possible to keep your bathroom luxurious making the time spent in it more relaxing for the body, mind and soul.

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