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Gifts For Gourmet Taste Buds

If you have a foodie or aspiring home chef on your list, it might be challenging to find the right present. Inspired by TV shows, mouth-watering Instagram feeds and restaurant visits you want your gift to be unique, a little bit different and of course delicious. The experienced and adventurous gourmet will most likely welcome something a little more unusual and has a feeling for things that aren’t quite trendy yet. From artisan chocolates to stylish kitchen gadgets, delicate seafood to edible flowers, our range of gift suggestions will surprise any culinary connoisseur in your life.


Indoor Smoker

Smoking with wood is the newest trend to impart any ingredient with the smoky flavours. As outdoor smokers tend to be large and costly and the gourmet in your life might not have outdoor space to use, get him a kettle smoker, which is designed for the use on stovetops. Fuelled with wooden chips it will put the subtle smoke flavour on meats, fish and poultry or even vegetables.


Tagine Vessel

The ceramic Tagine pot doubles as both, the cooking vessel and serving dish, which keeps the food warm. The food is cooked at low temperature and is still favoured by those who appreciate the unique flavour the clay ware imparts on the dish. The conical lid allows the steam to rise and create a condensation that drips back on the meal. The vessel is stovetop safe and can be even used as a decorative centrepiece.


Butter Churn

Surprise your gourmet friend with an original butter churn. Making your own batch of delicious and flavourful fresh butter is not only quaint but so easy. All you need is whipping cream or whole milk and a little bit of time for turning that handle to start shaking things up. Hand-churned butter is rich and creamy and with all things homemade, you know exactly what’s in it.

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Pour Over Coffee Maker

The perfect first thing in the morning, at work or alongside a piece of cake in the afternoon, there’s never a bad time for a coffee break. Cold-brewed coffee has become the latest coffeehouse trend and wise connoisseurs know it takes time to enjoy life’s small pleasures. With just a little skill, know-how and your perfect gift, your coffee loving friend can achieve an amazing cup of coffee from the comfort of his home with a simple ceramic coffee dripper.


Candied Hibiscus Flowers

Wild hibiscus flowers locally harvested from the foothills of the Blue Mountains and preserved in sugar cane syrup are a delicious and colourful way to garnish any drink, appetizer or dessert. The edible flowers are a unique gift as no artificial colours or preservatives are added and their sweet and tart flavour will go well with any goat cheese or even with champagne where they will unfold their beautiful blossoms at the bottom of the glass.


The Gourmet Gift Hamper

If you want to go all in and surprise the gourmet taste buds, the gourmet gift hamper will offer a wide variety of great tasting goodies. Imagine the excitement of the recipient at receiving a full array of new tastes like Bonne Maman Strawberry Conserve and Ital Almond Toscani Premium Style Biscotti with Roasted Almonds. Best of all, you can order online from home and have the hamper delivered on your behalf.


Pacific Oysters

Cultivated and grown locally in South Australia’s oyster farms, Pacific oysters are a worldwide known delicacy. Their creamy appearance boasts sweet and juicy fresh ocean flavour for the ultimate food experience. Sustainable farmed and delivered in boxes by the dozen right to your gourmet’s friends doorstep, they will live up to 7 days to be enjoyed if kept chilled at the right temperature.


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