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Gourmet Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Is your dad a foodie? Does he like to indulge his senses, in particular, his taste buds? If so, when buying gifts for your dad this Father’s Day… GO GOURMET!

This post will give you some super tasty tips for “The Gourmet Dad”. The Gourmet Dadis a creature that uses his keen sense of smell to find new places to feed and can often be found at a new restaurant sampling three to four menu items in one sitting and analysing each and every mouthful and describing the subtleties of its flavour.

But… What do you buy a creature like this?

Well, I’m about to give you some ideas.

Treat Him to a Degustation

The Gourmet Dad will absolutely love this one. A degustation, usually done in a fine dining restaurant, involves sampling a top-class chef’s finest dishes. The course is usually around eight to ten small dishes, of where the chef will show off his culinary mastery, engaging sight, smell and taste buds. The dishes usually come with drink pairings. A degustation isn’t just a meal. It’s a gastronomical experience that will delight your dad this Father’s Day.

Winery Tour

A certain species of the Gourmet Dadhas a weakness for wine. His weakness for wine is especially beneficial when it comes to buying gifts. Australia’s wine scene is booming. There is a myriad of world-class wine producers in our own backyard.

Take your dad on a winery tour. He will get to see where and how his favourite drink is made, not to mention sampling some along the way. As the tour bus cruises on through the countryside, the lush green hills create a rolling horizon for the clear blue sky to meet. The bus pulls into the first stop. There is a buzz of excitement in the air as the thirsty passengers disembark. Ready. The willing participants are given a tour through the winery while sampling batches along the way. Of course, your dad is always up the front, a mere foot away from the guide at all times. Eagerly listening to every word and savoring every mouthful of every sample.

Another great idea for the wine-loving father is to get him started into a wine club. It basically works like this. You sign him up and wine gets delivered to his door every month. There is a variety of different options to choose from such as picking your own or letting the company do it for you.

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Cooking Classes

Does your dad dabble in the culinary arts? Does he watch cooking with a twinkle in his eye?

Well, perhaps a cooking class would be a perfect gift.

As the saying goes “Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish he will eat for the rest of his life”. Give your dad the gift of kitchen mastery this Father’s Day. Take him to a cooking class where he can master the art of his favourite flavors. He will be King of the Kitchen, Lord of Lunches, and the Duke of Dinner. And the best part of this gift is that everyone in the family benefits from the delightful dinners that your dad will create.

A Remi Martin Gourmet Hamper

One particular gourmet Dad seems to gravitate towards another certain style of fluid.  Give your Gourmet Dad some Remi Martin to get his heart started. But seriously, this hamper has a bottle of Remi Martin Cognac and other gourmet treats that will tantalize your dad’s taste buds. It contains some of the finest Oglivie and Co preserves as well as gourmet chocolates from around the world.

Food Safari or Tour

A great thing about the Gourmet Dad is they are pretty happy with anything. As long as food is the main objective. There are food tours in operation all around the globe. A local will take you around to best food joints in town that are often undiscovered by those not in the know. A good place to start would be with your closest capital city. Otherwise, you could ship him off to Hanoi in Vietnam where there is an abundance of delicious foods made by local vendors.

Cook Him a Meal

Get your gourmet on in the kitchen. This one will take some time, practice, and love. Find out his favourite food (you should already know by now!) and cook it for him. Don’t just slap it up any old how though. You should practice first and perfect the art. Give him a true fine dining experience at home. Set the table all proper like and treat him to a first-class homemade meal.

These are all good gourmet gifts for the Gourmet Dad. You can’t really go wrong if you stick to the concept and that is, gourmet. Delicious drinks, delicious food, and more delicious food.

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