/How and where to use dark marble in your kitchen
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How and where to use dark marble in your kitchen

We know marble as a precious rock that is commonly used for sculptures and a very popular building material when it comes to interior design. Marble is an all-natural material, made of re-crystallized minerals such as calcite or dolomite. In nature, the rock occurs in many different colours such as grey, white and sometimes even pink, blue, brown or black and is found as a raw material in high quantities especially in European countries such as Turkey, Italy and Spain. This is where the rock is harvested in great chunks and then brought to marble processing facilities where the slabs are sliced down and refined into individual tiles or mosaics.


In interior design, dark marble can often be seen in chic restaurants and high-class hotels as the rock symbolizes timeless luxury and elegance. Dark coloured marble stands for power, ambition and passion but can also be used as a background colour to make other bold ones stand out. In combination with brighter colours, dark marble creates a nice contrast or can be used with silver, brass and copper accents to create an opulent look.


Lately, dark marble has found its way into domestic design again and has become the latest decoration trend when it comes to bathroom and kitchen design not only because of its beauty but the fact that the material does not stain as easily as its lighter coloured cousin, even if it still needs regular sealing and care. Apart from being a sophisticated material, the advantage of using marble in a family home is that it can withstand time and all climate conditions.

If you are thinking about giving your kitchen a sophisticated touch, we have put together some beautiful inspiration ideas how you can upscale your cookery using dark marble.


Dark marble flooring

If you want to raise the beauty of your kitchen to a higher level, you can never go wrong with black marble tiles as flooring due to its classic look and brilliant shine. Historically marble flooring has been used in the palaces of kings and queens and the material will lend a sense of sophistication to your home. Dark marble tiles create a level of elegance and will give a nice and aesthetic contrast when used with lighter stones or light colored walls.



Even though black is making its way back to interior trends, it can be a strong colour for many people. If you are not brave enough to use dark marble as kitchen flooring, let the material shine in your workspace area and get yourself fitted marble countertops to prepare delicious meals on. Dark marble countertops are the perfect solution to make an elegant kitchen statement that will make your dishes shine and vibrant flowers pop.



Marble is a beautiful and exquisite material that will add character and a glamorous feel to the atmosphere of the room when used as an eye-catching kitchen backsplash. Backsplashes are an important component of a kitchens design scheme and there are many different patterns for homeowners to choose from in order to create a unique look. In contemporary kitchens, a dark marble backsplash becomes the focal point of the room by contrasting the darker colours with wooden cabinetry and light walls.


Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands often create a focal point for the family life where everyone gathers to eat, chat and of course, cook. Dark marble makes a brilliant material for your kitchen island but be careful though as not to exaggerate when using black marble and add some light touches as well by using a combination of other materials such as a wooden floor or cabinets to complement each other’s texture and create a chic and balanced environment.


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