/How to Care for your Hair Extensions

How to Care for your Hair Extensions

When you’ve spent time and money getting your hair extensions applied, you want to keep them looking as good as when you left the salon.

Taking care of your hair extensions can help to prevent damaging your own hair and increase their longevity.

Here a few tips to keep those tresses looking terrific!

Sleep with your hair in a braid or pigtails – this will help to avoid waking up with tangles.

Quality and expertise – when searching for a technician, find a salon that specialises in hair extensions, you can’t put a price on experience and they can provide you with the best product and expert advice.

Avoid going to bed with wet hair – your hair is at it’s weakest when wet, the last thing you need is to be tossing and turning at night causing breakage.

Use a wide tooth comb to untangle those knots – this will prevent any tugging on your hair extensions and natural hair.

If you have synthetic hair extensions, use only very low heat and sparingly – the bonds of your extensions should never come into contact with heat as they can become soft and may result in loose extensions.

Use a sulphate or paraben free shampoo and conditioner on the roots – by avoiding harsh chemicals, your natural hair and extensions will stay tight and intact until your next appointment.

Brush often with a natural bristle paddle brush – it’s worth investing in quality hair care tools as they will last longer and be gentle on your hair.

Brush your hair before you wash – this will help you reach all parts of your hair and prevent knots.

Avoid alcohol-based products –  they will dry out your natural hair and hair extensions.

Be gentle – A little TLC is key to healthy hair, even when you don’t have hair extensions.

Sleep on a silk or satin pillow – Not only is this a great anti-aging secret but it will also help to avoid knots forming while you sleep.

The most important rule is to listen to your technician during your initial appointment. It’s important to listen to the experts and raise any concerns you may have. Keep up your return appointments to make sure your extensions are intact and working with your style. Enjoy your extensions and remember to have fun and try some new styles with your new hair.

Find inspiration – hair extensions can be used for length or thickness, bring in some screenshots on your phone of the look you’re after so you can leave satisfied and feeling gorgeous.