/Keep Snakes Away From Your Shed with These Tips

Keep Snakes Away From Your Shed with These Tips

One of the most frightening animals that frequent residential areas is the snake. This reptile is known for its slithering movement and poisonous fangs. Snakes are masters of disguise and there are mostly discovered accidentally. They like bushy areas and warm corners. This makes garden sheds the perfect haven for snakes. With the increased encroachment of forests, wild animals are starting to find new homes around residential areas. Unfortunately, snakes are some of the new visitors around houses.Although most species that make it to residential areas are non-poisonous, no one wants to find out. Therefore, it’s important to keep snakes away from your shed. Here are some tips to effectively keep your shed free from snakes.

Find the nest

Once a snake has its nest set up around your house, it will be a frequent visitor. Like many other reptiles, snakes lay eggs and set up nests. The nest usually look similar to birds’ nests but they may differ in design and materials used. Nonetheless, the nests are usually setup in bushy areas and warm hidden spaces. Unlike most reptiles, snakes do nothing around their nests but they do come back to reinforce the structure.Moreover, once the eggs hatch, the baby snakes tend to stick in a group for safety. Therefore, it is crucial to check all the corners of your shed regularly especially if you have spotted a snake in your backyard recently.

If you find a nest in your shed, promptly remove it and discard the eggs. This will deter the snakes from ever coming back. Moreover, you will save yourself the trouble of having baby snake scrawling in your yard. To avoid dangerous incidents, only remove the nest if you have confirmed there are no snakes in sight. Do not make the mistake of leaving a nest behind with the assumption the eggs won’t hatch without the mother. Snake eggs only need a conducive environment to mature and hatch.

Mow the lawn

Mowing the lawn is a task many people procrastinate. However, tall grass provides the perfect ground for snakes to slither in and out of your garden shed. Tall grasses offer a good cover for snakes to move undetected. A long snake can safely crawl cross your backyard without raising an alarm. This is especially dangerous for children who like playing on the lawn. Moreover, tall grasses are good for rodents and small mammals that enjoy the warmth of the grass and the safety. However, the prey is never too far from the predator. Rats and mice are a favourite delicacy for most snakes.Clearing the leftover food is enough to keep the snakes away. Mowing the grass biweekly keeps snakes out of your yard and away from your shed.

Remove garbage

Snakes like to crawl under any pile of dirt and it’s not surprising to find them under a heap of garbage. Moreover,uncleared garbage attracts rodents which are the main food for most snakes.Therefore if you have garbage, don’t collect and pile it around your house. Don’t put trash in you shed as you await collection. A week is enough for a snake to come in and set camp in your shed. Clear out the trash on the first convenient opportunity. If clearance cannot be done promptly, package the trash well and keep it away from the house as you await collection. Don’t keep trash in your yard, shed or next to your door.

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