/A Look at Solar Pool Heating

A Look at Solar Pool Heating

If there’s one trend that is helping us to be both future proof and environmentally aware, then it’s renewable energy. Renewable energy is experiencing massive growth in all sorts of technologies around the world, from wind farms to hydropower, and algae biofuels, we see a seismic shift away from fossil fuels like never before. The amount of non-renewable energy sources that our world has is finite.

One renewable energy source that has been around for many years in homes all across Australia is solar. There are now more solar households or partially solar households around the country, running their hot water systems and even electricity from solar energy – energy from the sun. And in a land such as Australia, where we have many more hours per day of sunshine per year than most parts of the world it makes an excellent energy source. Solar technology has come a long way since it started popping up in the 1980s.

If you are getting a swimming pool, or already have one installed, then you should take a serious look at solar pool heating. While there are so many hours and days of sunshine across the country every year, just the warmth from the sun shining across the surface of the water is sometimes not enough to keep a swimming pool warm enough to swim in across the months than we would like.

While you can opt for heating your pool with electricity, this is often an expensive option – and definitely not so environmentally friendly. Instead of heating your pool by electricity, you may like to think about the other option – and that is going solar.

Solar pool heating works by takes the heat from the sun and translating it into warmer pool circulation. The general process of the system is where you have a patch of the sun (often on the roof) where tubes are placed, through which the water from the pool is circulated. The resulting heating and circulation of the pool water can have a swimming pool usable for up to four extra months per year when temperatures would otherwise be too frosty (for most) to have a dip.

The effectiveness of the system depends on a number of factors, such as the type of pipes used, the coverage area of the pipes, how much water is able to be circulated over a given period, how much water the pool contains, etc. etc. These factors must all be taken into account when installing a pool solar heating system.

It is for this reason that if you are thinking of going solar for your pool that you make sure to get a professional, experienced solar pool heating company to devise the plans and do the installation for you. If not, you may end up with a system that falls far below your expectations for heating your pool. You will also need to realise that there are hard limits about how warm your pool will be able to get, given the particular set of circumstances. If you have not installed a pool as yet, it can be easier to devise a more effective system.

Solar heating is a great way to keep your pool warmer for longer, and not just over summer. If you have a pool or are thinking about getting one installed, then it pays to do your research about solar heating and to shop around with solar providers to see who is going to be best for your – and ultimately, who you can trust with the whole process. The answer is out there, so long as you make sure you do your due diligence.

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