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Make It A Social Summer

You Deserve Time with Your Mates

Summer Loaded

It’s that time of the year.  The best time, when the sun is out, the muscles are out and it’s time to kick off another beautiful summer in Sydney. There is no shortage of activities both indoor and outdoor in Australia. Whether you are escaping the heat to hike the Snowy Mountains or having a traditional barbecue with your close friends, you can find a plethora of things to do.

It’s a good problem to have when you literally can’t figure out what to do on a random summer weekend.  Here we suggest a classic barbie, maybe a casual walk or hike, and taking up one of the many action-packed aquatic sports or just relax.  What better way to fellowship with friends eating or getting a good workout in while having a few brews?

Summertime Fine
Take A Hike
To Cricket Or To Surf?
Barbie With Mates

Snowy Mountains Anyone?

Have you ever seen a Brumbie? We haven’t either.  But we want to.  If you go south of Sydney, you will discover the Snowy Mountains, a super neat spot, especially in the summer.  Beyond the glistening lakes and meters upon meters to hike and walk, there are so many different options you have within one area.  You can even climb the highest point of Australia here, along with seeing those rare Brumbies, creatures that were utilized during the colonization of Oz.

Social Summer

Surfs Up Mate

Sydney is literally the best place in the world to have the best of both worlds.  Enjoy spectating a cricket match on the beach or grab a surfboard and hit the waves.  Perhaps you’d like to hit the cliffsides along the Coogee trail and have a picnic, or maybe even tour a rainforest.  Summer in Sydney is undefeated in outdoor adventure and unforgettable moments.

Charcoal Or Gas Grilling

This is the debate of centuries.  Ok, maybe not centuries but a classic discussion point amongst amateur home chefs and grill masters alike is if charcoal is better than gas grills and vice versa.  Here we have no preference, we just love great food, and nothing beats a good old-fashioned barbecue with your closest friends.  Lamb chops, ribs, sausages, vegetables…. what is there not to love about the smoky taste of a barbecue grill?  Charcoal or gas, it doesn’t matter.  We will bring the napkins.

Again, there are literally hundreds of things to do in Sydney for the summer.  Let’s be honest here, summer is longer than a few weekends so in our humble opinion, why not knock out all three plus more?  We plan on hosting (and attending) several barbies this summer, it’s only right. 

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