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Pool Designs

Pool Designs

When it comes to swimming pools the designs available are innumerable. From simple geometric pools to balcony infinity pools there is a lot you can do with a pool. Swimming pools are a good installation to have in your home. They accentuate the outdoor looks of your property and put otherwise unused spaces into good use. The design of swimming pools varies with style, build and size. Here are some of the most popular options

Construction Design

Inground pools

The inground pool is the most popular design available for residential properties. It also the oldest dating back to ancient civilizations. Nonetheless, inground pools offer numerous benefits. They are versatile and can accommodate several fixtures like diving boards and slides. You can install fountains and set up waterfalls in and around the pool to accentuate it’s look. Moreover, the pools are durable and perform exceptionally well on strength and stability.

Semi-inground pools

This a unique design that looks good on sloping landscapes. The pool is partly buried in the ground. It offers numerous options for finishing and serves as a good backyard installation. The pool performs well on durability. It’s a great addition to home and raises the value of a property.

Above ground pools

If you have limited space and a small budget, an above ground swimming pool is an excellent option. The pool is assembled above the ground and comes as a prefabricated unit. Although removable, above ground pools can sit as permanent installations for decades.

Material designs

Concrete pools

When it comes to construction materials, concrete pools are among the most popular pools in residential properties and hotels. The pool offers versatility in styling. It can take any shape and the only limit to size is your property. Moreover, you can install fountains, slides and spas on the pool with ease. Construction and installation of the pool takes time but the final results are worth the wait

Fibreglass pools

The fibreglass swimming pool is a prefabricated unit that is moulded and buried in an excavated hole. People love it for its quick installation, smooth surface and low maintenance cost. The pool also performs well on durability. Although the design options are limited, the ones available are good enough to keep heads turning and live up to your expectations.

Vinyl pools

They are a fast affordable installation great for owners looking for low maintenance, customizable pools. The pools look good and feel great. Swimming in one is an unmatched experience. The downsides to owning the pool include vulnerability to scratches and formation of stains from leaves and organic debris.

Shape design

Infinity pools

When looking at the shape there are numerous pool designs available. The infinity pool is one of the most iconic. The design of the pool creates an illusion that the pool water flows over the edge. The design is dramatic and great for homes built over a scenery.

Perimeter overflow pools

The pool creates an optical illusion that it’s on a flat surface. Water flows over all the edges into a trough and it’s recycled back into the pool.

There are more unique designs that are great for residential properties and commercial properties. There is no limit to the type of swimming pool you can have. Therefore, explore all the options available and get a pool that matches your requirements.

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