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Spring Wardrobe

Ready for a Spring Wardrobe Makeover

We wear clothes that suit the weather. For example, heavy jackets and sweaters are reserved for winter, while light t-shirts and shorts are worn in summer. Therefore, when the season changes, so should your wardrobe. As spring fast approaches, you should be ready for a spring wardrobe makeover. Here are a few things you should do.


There are numerous clothing items you can do without in your wardrobe. Unfortunately, most people are fond of holding on to old clothes. Some of the clothes have sentimental value, and age isn’t enough to warrant disposal. Nonetheless, it’s essential to let go of outdated clothes to create room for new ones.

Although it sounds easy, most people don’t know when to give up their old clothes. So here are a few tips:

If you rarely wear a piece of clothing in your closet, you probably shouldn’t keep it. Aside from luxury pieces solely reserved for special events, all other clothes ought to be worn at least twice a year. Anything less means you can do without it.

If it’s too big or too small, it’s not yours to wear. The dimensions of your body are constantly changing with age and diet. Therefore, clothes are bound to fit differently. You can get away with keeping an oversized piece for home use, but all clothes that are too small ought to go.

If it’s too old and shows, it’s time to retire it. As time passes, clothes fall out of style and accumulate signs of wear and tear. Therefore, let go when it becomes evident that a piece has served its time.


Jackets, sweaters and coats are probably the most accessible clothes in your closet at the moment. However, as winter comes to a close, you have to rearrange your wardrobe.

Firstly, clean out your winter clothes and arrange them at the back of the closet. You may not need them for a while.

Secondly, pick out your favourite spring clothes and put them in accessible compartments.

Spring rains are fairly common; therefore, keep your rain clothes ready.

Personal Touch

Winter is often dull and cold; spring, on the other hand, is warm and bright. Therefore you can customise your closet to match the spring feel. Here are some accessories you can add to your wardrobe.

Light Fixtures

You can add lights to your wardrobe for illumination and aesthetic enhancement. Options include track lights, overhead LED lights and coloured lights.

Posters and Wallpapers.

If you have large doors on your wardrobe, you can hang up posters of your favourite icons to spice up your room. You can also stick wallpapers to add some texture to the overall look.


Now that the dull weather is gone add a mirror to your wardrobe to brighten up your room for spring. Mirrors fit perfectly on wardrobe door panels. They reflect natural light and illuminate a space. Moroever, the mirrors make the room look larger and provide the perfect view for dressing up and touching up. Spring marks a new beginning for your wardrobe design and organisation. Don’t miss the opportunity for a makeover.

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