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Send Your Potential Clients These Hampers To Secure That Big Account

When looking for new clients for your business, simply dropping off your business card is no longer enough. Regardless of the industry, you are in, be it real estate, web design, insurance, or medical supplies (You could even be trying to sell seawater to a jellyfish), a lot more effort is required of you than someone in sales 10 years ago. You need to come up with interesting ways to capture and keep their attention, in order to remain relevant in their minds. This is important in a world where competition is stiff and you can be sure that someone else is trying for the same demographic that you are.

The big question becomes, how do you stay relevant in a fast paced world where they are likely to forget about you the moment you walk out the door? Well, start by looking the part. You will be taken more seriously when you look like you know what you are doing. Next, deliver a kick ass presentation. Whether you have a minute in the lift with them or an hour in a boardroom, be precise, to the point and factual as well. Finally, go for the follow-through. The best way to do this is getting a hamper delivered to them at work. The trick here is that you do not overwhelm them with the things you want them to buy, but to create a balance between the things they like and material about you and your product. For instance, if you were to send a gift hamper with a box of chocolates and brochure, they are more likely to take time going through your brochure.

Here are a few hampers that you can add to your bag of tricks after making a sales pitch.

Deluxe Negroni Cocktail Hamper

If you are looking to make an impression that is not only lasting but of incredible taste, then this is the hamper you should consider. It is perfect for co-workers to share at the end of a workday, especially if they are cocktail lovers. This hamper comes with a set of glass tumblers and a bottle of Four Pillars in which is going to act as the base for the drinks. A bottle of sweet vermouth from Maidenii and bitter aperitif by Campari are also added to add a tangy taste to the cocktail will no doubt be making. Bitings are also added in the form of salted pistachios, kettle chips (both original and the black pepper variations) and almonds. A flat end bar spoon and an ice mould is also part of this package. All this is stylishly packaged in a gift box, and finished with a ribbon. You can customise the ribbon to have you company’s credentials on it, as well as marking the tumblers to go that extra mile. Throw in a couple of branded notebooks and a brochure and you are good to go.

Corporate Gift Baskets

The Fit for a King Hamper

This is also a hamper that designed to include the entire office in the gifting. It comes with a wide array of bites that would make for a great break room addition, plus a bottle of Raven Park Shiraz. This is a wine with the spicy plum and subtle oak nose, a palate of rich vanilla and sweet red cherry and a finishing with great length. The bites include cashew nuts, Organic English tea bags, Olive, roasted garlic, and roasted capsicum tapenades, handmade raspberry rocky road, and Italian style fruit and nut cake. It also has cracker thins Australian water crackers, and almond and white chocolate nougat. This is not the entire list, which means that if you are looking for a nice blend of sweet and tangy, this is the hamper for you.

All this is packaged in a large designer gift box with a gift card where you can put a personalised message and a branded ribbon.

The Ultimate Sweet tooth

This is an expression of decadence that will have your potential customers eating out of the palm of your hand quite literally. It is made with different types of chocolates including Fudge made by Rich Chocolate& Walnut. There is also an assortment of Zokoko Goddess dark chocolates, chocolate coated almonds, double chocolate chip biscuits, liquorice by green grove and fig and pecan cookies. All this is packaged in a stylish gift basket that comes with a branded ribbon and a message. It is the perfect Gift basket if your deal in fun products and services where you can play around with the message on the card to incorporate humour, or puns that work around chocolates. For example you can have a “Confection is good for the soul, and also for your business”. Throw in a branded gifts including mugs or notebooks and you are definitely within a show in for whatever business you had pitched.

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