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Signs That Your Roof May Need Replacing

The idiom “place a roof over one’s head” shows how important a roof is. Having shelter from the elements is what made humans move into caves and later on to more formal shelters. We have come a long way since the days of thatched roofs. Now we use better roofing materials that last longer and work better. That said, even modern roofs need to be replaced every once in a while.

The period between roof replacements will vary, depending on the material used, the workmanship, and the weather patterns where you live. If you live in a tornado prone area such as Lennox Head, you will probably replace your roof more frequently. Roof replacements could be partial, or they may entail the complete overhaul of your current roof. All factors considered however, there are some pretty standard signs that your roof may need replacing. These include;

Roof Replacements


This depends on the material that was used in the roofing. For corrugated iron roofing, the recommended time between replacements is 10 to 15 years. Asphalt shingles tend to last longer with experts giving a 20 to 25-year time frame between replacements. This however also depends on whether your roof was a new installation or was laid over an older roof, in which case, you will probably need to replace that sooner. Zincalume and Colourbond are valued for their style and longevity, so they’re both good options.

Buckling Shingles

Roofing that has started buckling is another sign that it is time to have a replacement. For shingle roofs, for instance, you need to look at the slopes of your roof in the sun and see if you can notice any curling or losing granules. This is a sign that you should start talking to a roofing contractor about getting your roof replaced.

Roof Valleys

When your roof starts getting worn out around the valleys and you notice other depressions, it is a sure sign that action may be required. Valleys are important parts of your roof as they help drain water into gutters during the rainy season. Compromised gutters can result in leaking roofs which are also damaging to the underlying parts of our house.

Missing Pieces Of Roof

Another sign that you might need to consider a roof replacement is when you notice that there are some pieces of roofing material missing. Missing shingles or ripped pieces of corrugated sheet roofing are signs of a roof that is crying out for some care. It is therefore prudent that you sit down with your roofing contractor and consider the options for roof replacement. This should be done before winter; otherwise, the consequences would be dire.

Chimney Flashing

This is that part of your roof where your chimney meets your roof. Most of these are made of tar or cement, which tend to chip away and wear off over time. This results in holes that are the source of leakages When you notice that your chimney flashing is not in the best condition, then it is probably time to consider your options. You could explore metal flashing, which is more water-tight and lasts longer before it needs repairs.

Granules In Your Gutter

This is most pronounced in shingle roofing. If you notice that there are pieces of your roof or even entire shingles in your gutters during cleaning, then it is time to consider a roof replacement. Having granules or shingles in your gutters means that your roof is weakening either due to pressure from the elements or just plain age. Talk to your roofing contractor about whether you need to replace the shingles in a particular part of your roof or redo your entire roof.

Spaces In The Roof

One of the surest signs that you need to take a look at your roof is when there are gaps or spaces in your roof. These mean that the entire roof system is compromised and you need to invest in changing the entire roof. One of the ways to check is to take a walk on your roof while looking out for a spongy feel. It is also prudent to look for any leak stains on your ceilings, which are alerts that you do need a new roof.

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