/Some stand-out play-sets to consider for your venue

Some stand-out play-sets to consider for your venue

A few decades ago, children (and women)were to be seen but not heard. Some ill-advised people still live by those principles, keeping youngsters out of the venues. They feel little ones annoy adult patrons and keep them away. This might be true. Children – bless them –do require a lot of energy and patience. But from a business perspective,minors are the best kind of cash cow. Parents will spend on their kids even when they’re too broke to spend on themselves. And between puppy eyes and tantrums, kids can get their guardians to buy anything! So while blatant manipulation will put folks off, subtly is sure to work.

Many brands create ads targeted at kids,and while they can be successful, they also make parents resentful. The real skill is designing products that naturally appeal to both children and their parents. The film and TV industry understands this. That’s why – for example –modern superheroes and cartoons are made to cut across generations. Your kids will enjoy Avengers just as much as you will, and the same goes for merchandise and video games. As for venues, you want to entertain children and stimulate their adults.

At the average park, kids jump around while adults stare at their phones. But the innovative venues combine both regular and adult-sized bouncy castles, letting everyone get in on the fun. Or they hire clowns and minders to hover around the playground so guardians can enjoy a hearty meal and relatively uninterrupted conversation without feeling like they’re neglecting their charges. Modular playsets are a big part of this strategy. Their bright colours and active play modes will tire out the little ones while keeping them safely stimulated.

Safety first

When you’re planning out your venue, put alot of thought into location. The playground needs to be far from the road and other dangerous features. And it needs to offer unimpeded access to seating areas, so parents can glance over and see their kids without straining too much. If they have to keep standing up and walking past furniture to check on their children, they won’t stay very long … or spend very much. The type of playset you install matters as well. Many parents like to take a ‘babysitter’ on these excursions.

It’s not necessarily hired staff. It could be an older kid – a niece or neighbour – to watch the kids while the adults mingle. You want a playset that will keep this older child happy as well, so they don’t get too bored to babysit, resulting in unpleasantry all round. That’s where the mixed-age playset comes in. It has to be suitable for varied physical and mental capacities. It also has to be large enough to accommodate kids of different ages, interests, and dimensions. The best kind of playset has quieter corners for introverted kids, mixed in among rope ladders, slides, and swings for the noisier ones.

You can also have gentler, more artistic modes of play for the children who aren’t quite as physical. Textured toys,musical instruments, or imaginative themes are all useful tips. Try something like Infinity Mirrors. It’s a small unit barely 20m2, and it can be combined with other modules. The mirrors appeal to a variety of kids, from the fashionistas playing dress-up or catwalk, to the little ones and special needs kids that can spend hours lost in their reflections. It can entertain budding scientists as they play with light effects, or storytellers building stories around their ‘magical mirror’ from Snow White to Harry Potter’s Chamber.

Mixed play

Or you could install something like SpectraComet. It’s twice as big, sitting on a 40m2 soft-fall. This dome-like playset offers a stimulating mix of lines and curves, perfect for the exploratory pre-schooler. Some of its portions are advanced enough for primary-age kids. It has rope ladders, port-holes, climbing walls, pendulums,balance beams, and even a slide. The playset is full of rich colours and textures for kids of all ages and abilities. You can install it on its own or attach it to other playsets and accessories.

As you shop, there are certain elements you need to keep in mind. You want the playset to be colourful, but the paint needs to be safe. Kids will inevitably touch and lick the playset, so it needs to benon-toxic. The paint shouldn’t wash off in the rain or flake and chip in summer heat. The moving parts must be shielded and re-inforced, preferably under hidden protective domes to avoid pinching or cinching little fingers and toes.Ideally, you want your playset to be sturdy enough to withstand multiple boisterous kids, but lightweight to avoid injury. Appropriate construction materials include rope, steel, and dense plastic. If you opt for wood, it has to be moisture-proof, smoothly sanded, and splinter-safe.

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