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Start the New Year with a Car That Feels New

As 2018 comes to a close, it is important to rejuvenate all aspects of your life as we gear up for the new year. This includes treating your car to a thorough detailing service so that it too looks rejuvenated in the new year. After months of consistent wear and tear courtesy of the elements and other damaging factors, your car may be looking a bit tired. Its paint job may seem a bit dull; there may be a persistent lingering foul odour in the interior; the chrome and leather probably look devitalised. If that is the case with your car, it may need more than just a thorough wash – it is probably in need of a full auto detailing.

For those who are not in the know, auto detailing is a process by which your car is thoroughly cleaned, both inside and out, with the aim of restoring it to its former state. So, while you probably wash and wipe down your car every weekend, or maybe even every day, that may not be enough to keep your car looking and feeling like it just left the showroom. It is therefore important for car owners to every so often take their car to a professional detailing service provider to not only clean the car, but make it look as good as new.

So, what exactly would your car go through during the detailing process?

Well, first, your car’s exterior and tyres must be thoroughly washed using a high – water – pressure spray, which removes surface dirt. It is then subjected to a detergent wash before using a clay cloth to get rid of any damaged paintwork and surface contaminants. The car is then rinsed again using a high – water – pressure spray and inspected for trims in need of masking. The trims are okay, the car is then buffed using a cutting compound and this removes a fine layer of the surface that consists of damage paint and scratches. A microfibre cloth is the used to remove the buffing residue from the car surface and the surface is then polished to restore its shine. Any exposed paint is sealed and protected using wax and this guards the paint job from further damage. If this is not enough, we may use a special paint finish, ensuring your car’s paint job remains fully protected for months. The tires are also glossed and blacked and this alone will have your car’s exterior looking brand new, like it just came straight from the showroom.

Your car’s interior can and should also be detailed. This is because throughout the year, a lot of stubborn stains and strange smells have probably accumulated in your car. The smells especially may continue lingering even after thorough clean up. During detailing, a special purifier that saturates your car with ozone will help get rid of even the most persistent smells. It also kills harmful bacteria, germs and helps get rid of allergens in your car. This guarantees your car that new car smell as you drive into the new year. Even the most stubborn stains on the car mats, seats, and even your trunk can easily be cleaned out, shampooed and vacuumed during detailing process.

Full interior detailing also includes:
• interior door panels and door jambs cleaned
• dashboard and console detailed & rejuvenated
• windows cleaned
• ash trays cleaned
• door rubbers treated
• roof lining spot cleaned

The last part of the detailing process includes rejuvenating and clearing foggy headlights. This not only makes your car look better and newer; it also makes your car more roadworthy and safer for night time driving. So, do not carry last year’s wear and tear with you. Take your car for full or custom detailing and start the new year with a car that feels and looks brand new