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Strata Management Services

Strata Management Services

Strata management services are, in essence, the act of bringing together groups of property owners to streamline the management of their properties. Strata management services have altered the scope of property management by providing specialised care in otherwise less cohesive ownership situations. Strata management aims to synchronise and enhance the experience of property ownership, especially in the case of rental prospects and the management of communal areas. Looking into strata management could be the first step in gaining peace of mind when taking care and maintenance of your property into consideration.

If that is the case, what, then, are the major functions of strata management services concerning the ownership of a particular unit? Those include such aspects as:

Financial Administration

Strata management takes responsibility for the financial upkeep of the properties under its portfolio. This responsibility covers such aspects as building maintenance, utility payments and any insurance related to the occupation and day-to-day running of the buildings in question. This is achieved via a fund held through the strata whose income is generated from fees that are charged to the owners of individual units throughout the building or comprehensive area.

Care and Preservation

In the case of upkeep of buildings, repairs and maintenance are par for the course. Strata management steps in at this point to take this responsibility over from the owners and to ensure timely and effective work on common areas is carried out when needed. This provides clear guidance on who is responsible for what area, thus minimising the likelihood of misunderstandings and disputes.


Strata management keeps such records as those of owners, tenants, maintenance logs, meeting minutes and many more. These records can be made available to new owners upon request in the vent of a future purchase. These records can be a factor in the consideration for the purchase of a property that is contained within strata and are therefore valuable fonts of information that must be well filed maintained. They can be crucial to the maintenance of a trustworthy reputation for the strata involved as all parties that are covered by the strata 

For those that are owners of units that are contained in large buildings, or are even part of a development scheme or village, having strata management services available for enrolment can make a big difference in the quality of life within the properties. This is because strata management takes the care and maintenance of common areas under its purview, thus ensuring that these aspects are well cared for in cases where they would otherwise be overlooked or whose upkeep would fall into disrepair as owners disagreed on whose responsibility it was to monitor such details.

Strata management services also maintain appropriate standards of community outlook so that order and clear leadership are in place. Leaders are bestowed with clear mandates to carry out on behalf of the owners and in most cases are given boundaries within which they may exercise their powers. These appointments and directives help to ease the process of decision making in terms of the daily operation of the strata while establishing a clear marker for all who wish to have dealings with members of the strata and must go through those that have been appointed as community leaders.