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Switching From One Dentist to Another

Most people get very uncomfortable when it comes to switching dentists. Once you’ve become fond of working with a specific dentist, you’re likely to get nervous over the idea of switching to another. Some people even develop dental fear all over again.

Switching from one dentist to another demands that you put certain factors into consideration. Not that there are only a few dentists in Parramatta. No. It’s because matters dental health must be treated with the seriousness they deserve.

Why would you switch from one dentist to another, anyway?

There are many reasons why that can happen, including moving to Parramatta or Sydney from another place. You may also consider changing your dentist in pursuit of better or more affordable services, modern facilities, or cutting-edge technology.

Below are some of the things you shouldn’t forget about when switching from your former dentist to a new dentist in Parramatta.

Research Well Before Embarking On The Process

More like you’re seeking dental services for the first time, you must research about the dentists operating within your locality. You can research online by reading through their websites, expert reviews, and user feedback. Once you’ve had as much information as possible, you can go ahead and visit the facility physically.

Proper Transfer of Dental Records

When it comes to medical matters, the centrality of your health records cannot be downplayed. Consequently, when transferring from one dentist to another, ensure you get as much information and data as possible from your former dentist to the new one. Ensure that the records are transferred professionally and are presented in a format that’d be useful to your new dentist.

Ask About New Tests or X-Rays

Even though you may already have your X-Rays, some dentists in Parramatta are likely to ask you to redo X-Rays for one reason or another. Your dentist may also recommend some other tests to provide a better understanding of your health. Based on that foundation, your new dentist would know the right dental procedures to prescribe for you. Before making any commitments, therefore, you should first establish the tests you’re expected to undergo and whether you have the amount of money needed for the tests. 

Confirm Your Insurance Coverage

When it comes to insurance, you must always be careful not to be caught off-guard. Before you switch to a new dentist Parramatta, confirm that the dentist accepts your insurance cover. Also, reach out to your insurer to confirm if they’d cover you under the new dentist. These are things that you need to confirm before moving on with your plans to switch to a new dentist. Some insurance companies are very specific about the medical facilities that their packages cover.

Consider Your Dental Needs

When switching from one dentist to another, first establish that the new dentist offers all the services you need. You wouldn’t want to switch from one dentist to another only to realise that the new one offers a limited number of services. If you have a family, you must also put them into consideration, ensuring that all the services that they need are available in the new facility, whether general or specialised.

Dental health is very sensitive, meaning there is no room for taking chances. If you’re going to switch to a new dental clinic Parramatta, therefore, you must be ready to make a further move if the new one falls short of some essential requirements.

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