/The psychological changes you will see after starting boxing

The psychological changes you will see after starting boxing

Ever since the first Olympic games in Greece, (what is known as the first record of formal sports), not many other things have been known to bring together such a diverse pool of people from all corners of the globe to focus on one thing at the same time. There are few things more magical than a professional sporting spectacle in the heat of its climactic moment. At its centre is the participants pitted against each other in an epic battle of wills which grips you and refuses to let you go. This is understandable, because sports are exhibits of human beings performing at the peak of their physical and mental capacity. Boxing gives a quintessential example of both physical and mental aspects at their utmost. It is probably the most famed individual sport in the world, its athletes gaining critical acclaim as some of the greatest of all time. In the last century it has brought forth some from the most inspiring sporting icons both in the real world of sport and on screen.


The physical advantages of boxing

Before we get into what happens to the mind let us first discuss what happens to the body when you start boxing. It goes without saying that when it is done as it should be, boxing is one of the most infallible of ways to achieving physical fitness. Boxing is indeed a full body workout, a fact that one probably would not have known had they not experienced it. The widespread misconception that it only works out your arms is probably because when you see a punch, it tends to belie the work one does with the rest of their body. A well-executed punch gains its power from the ground up the legs, is transmitted through the core and is manifested through the extension of your arm in that precise burst of power.


A dynamic fitness solution

A good boxing workout at your boxing club tones your arms, legs, shoulders, chest and back. It also incorporates effective cardiovascular exercises such as skipping and calisthenics as typical warm up exercises which are in a sense complementary to the sport. Besides improving your cardiovascular health, boxing will at the same time go the extra mile of increasing your metabolism, making it absolutely effective in progressively burning calories. It will also do wonders for one’s hand-eye coordination, an advantage that is easy to overlook, pun intended. Now to the psychological changes you will experience after starting boxing.


Stress Relief

Those who do exercises like running and cycling tend to experience what is known as the “runner’s high” after intense session of exercise. It is a euphoric sensation with reduced anxiety and a diminished ability to feel pain. The case is no different with Boxing. It effects release of endorphins which is a natural booster of your mood. You will begin to feel less stressed when you take up boxing.


Learning a skill, improving mental focus

Boxing engages your mind in a way that makes you forget all else in a bid to try to land that perfect punch. The more time you spend doing some exhilarating boxing training the more you will channel your energy into remembering a crucial combo, landing the punch right in the perfect place, or the “sweet spot”. There is always room for improvement, and whether you are a seasoned fighter or a beginner in this exceptional sport, you will condition your psyche to get better and better each time you put on those gloves, and at other things as well.


Confidence and Self esteem

Boxing is one sport which empowers you. Not only because you get to hit a target with the appropriate strength, but it gives you an awareness of the qualities you possess as well as the areas you fall short. You will acquire the understanding to fight your way out of tough quagmires while actively defending and attacking. Boxing fosters the assertiveness you need to stay at the top of your game, both in the ring and out of it. This will without a doubt make you more confident and stand taller in everyday situations.


Fortitude of the mind

Boxing revolves around bouncing back to face adversary time and time again despite being knocked down, much like the Japanese proverb of falling down seven times and getting up eight. This is exemplified the plethora of thrilling boxing legends the world of film has to offer, who, albeit faced with insurmountable odds gained the endearment of their audience by simply not giving up. You will develop that fighting spirit, be it in the ring or in the simple acquisition of an elusive skill, as boxing is indeed one of the toughest sports to learn.


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